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Leeah D. Jackson
I enjoy blogging, putting together puzzles, reading and shopping.   
DANCING - is my PASSION!!!!   I  hustle hard daily, because I want to leave 
my mark in this world and let everyone know I was here to empower and make 
a difference. I want my peers to know they can put that extra touch in their 
outfits by accessorizing.


August 2015


Hey guys welcome back to another "Blingz and Things." We have talked about 
the present and the future but not about the past. As we all know that late 80's 
and  90's trends has resurface as the new trends for 2015, such as the 
windbreaks to the "Spice Girls" chunky high heels. We have also seen alot of the 
late 80's 90's hip hop fashion recreating it's self. The saying in the fashion world 
is "Trends always repeat it's self." So today we are going to be talking about the 
past but in the present.

Tattoo chocker
The tattoo chocker is a staple in teens and young adults fashion todays just as 
well as it was in the 90's. The are versatile and and come in any color but the 
black is mostly famous. Some tattoo chocker may have charms on them like a 
ying/yang or a daisy. Even some of are favorite celebrities are walking around 
in the chocker such as Rihanna to Vanessa Hudgas. Many adults find the chocker  
useless and a waste of money if it's going to break. But in reality isn't some 
accessories useless and a waste of money.

The Ying Yang were the hottest hit among the teens. They were popular best 
friend necklaces or just a necklace for your self and rings. Yin Yang is the 
balance of night and day bring together wholeness. The Ying Yang fashion 
statement has taken over from halter tops ,nails,sunglasses. 

Theses were every ones favorite when they're so many color and style you 
could never go wrong.

 Jelly shoes 
Now these are my favorite I used to wear these all the time when I was little, 
I had just about every color you could think of. Now they have reappear with 
even most colors and style.


July 2015


Hey guys welcome to another "Blingz and Things."It's finally Summer which is amazing, 
and I know that means a lot of traveling for some of us. Since I living in sunny-side 
California we are surround by fun things to do. 

My favorite things to do is going to amusement parks , my favorite has to be 
Disneyland. I recently went to Disneyland and California Adventure  and I 
didn't want to wear my regular Minnie Mouse ears. So I decided to make my 
own with flowers.for our first set of DIY ears, we decided to let summer be 
the inspiration and do floral Minnie ears. Check out the tutorial below:

Hot glue gun ( Please have an Adult to help if needed)
Cotton balls
 Lots of Fake flowers(if using small flowers)

(Fair warning this project does require a lot of glue sticks and patients. 
It took me 5 hours to finish.)

Start of by tracing two circle equal sizes on your cardboard 
and cut it

Draw a half moon at the bottom of your ears and cut it off

Start unrolling your cotton balls apart and sit them to the side 
Fold your cardboard ears in your felt and glue it to together and leave room to 
stuff your ears with your cotton balls 


May 2015


Hey everyone welcome back to “Blingz and Things.” Now we have talked about how to put your accessories together, but now we’re going know how to shop for them, it all depends on your style and how you like to 
express yourself. Here are a few guide lines to shop for your poppin new accessories.
Choose accessories that match your style
Always have an outfit in mind
Shop at stores that are designed for your style
Buy variety of accessories categories
Always look for deals
Look for items that can be worn with multiple outfits as well as pieces for special events and specific outfits or looks
Buy different lengths of earrings, such as classy studs, hoops or dangling earrings


April 2015


Hey, my love bugs, its Leeah D and welcome back to “Blingz and Things.” 

This month’s topic is about “Statement Pieces”.  I hope everyone is an 
amazing spring.  I know many are excited school is almost over!   It won’t 
be too long before you can start wearing your fun summer outfits and of 
course trying some bold and exciting “Statement Pieces”.   

The pieces worn can be earring, necklaces, bangles, brooches, etc. Anything to catch someone's eyes.

 I enjoy big necklaces and bold bangles. They are really fun and bold.  


February 2015


Hey guys welcome back to another "Bingz and Things." Since we have been talking 

about different jewelry trends . I wanted to talk about how we can get organize with 
our jewelry. There are many ways to get organize with our stuff,for little or nothing 
maybe free. There many of different ways to do it like getting a cardboard box and 
painting it.  Maybe even going to your local store and finding some for $1.00 or less.

Here are a few ideas you can use; 


January 2015

Happy New Year!  

 I hope all of you are enjoying your year this far. Welcome back to another "Blingz and Things!!!!!" Yayyyy.  

It's a new year and I am so excited to bring you the first "Blingz and Things" of 2015. Let's start off by talking 
highlighting your outfits this year with about statement earrings. Wearing statement earrings are in and can 
bring any outfit alive and poppin' . I love wearing statement earrings and pieces because they boost your 
personality and your creativity in your style . 

Here are some really cool statement earrings ideas.


December 2014

Finger Rings for the Season

Hey guys welcome back to another "Blingz and Things". It's finally the season 

of giving . So we're going to be talking all about the mid finger rings. I can't 

believe I haven't done a blog about these rings all the time. 
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love rings and I have 
been rocking mid finger rings.

I think these rings are so fashion forward, and I may even 

share a tutorial later on how make these rings. You can 
rock these rings with just about anything you want to wear. 

Here are some pictures to show you how to rock these really cool rings. 

Until the new year bye and stay warm. 

Love you


November 2014


Hey guys welcome back to "Blingz and Things."  It's fall and the leaves are starting to fall. Can you and smell of 

pumpkin spice  in the air? I can.   But, that's really not 
what we are going to talk about.  I want to clue you in 
one of the hottest new trends out right now. The jewelry 
tattoos or metallic tattoos. We have been seeing our 
favorite celebs rocking them such Beyoncé and Ariana 
Grande and many more. I will say, I have a few packs 
and I and in love with them. These jewelery tattoos look 
so cool on the skin, they give such a Boho feel. If it was 
up to me, every girl would have a pack. They replace 
wearing jewelry everywhere. 

Check them out they are awsome.  

So until next time my loves . 

LoVe~• PeAcE~•Leeah~•©


October 2014


Hey guys welcome back to  "Blingz and Things". 

This season  is all about mixing and matching 

jewelry with popping colors. Old School rumors 
were said that it's a fashion no no to mix gold 
and sliver jewelry. Right? Wrong!!!! These days 
we are breaking the traditional fashion rules.  
Like not wearing white after Labor Day, but lately 
white after Labor Day is bigger than ever.

Now, getting back on track, there have been a 
lot of mix gold and sliver jewelry on some Fashion 
Catwalks Major Stylist, and Celebrities.  I, myself, 
love mixing colors such as wearing a white 
necklace with some gold hoops or maybe  green 
and blue bracelets with some silver and gold 
mixed in. 

So here are some ideas to get creative juices 
flowing to create your own mix and match ideas.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEPTEMBER 2014

Hey guys welcome back to "Blingz and Things."  As you know we are saying Adios to summer and hello to

Fall. By now all for us have started school and I know  it;s hard getting up so early in the morning. You may feel like not  adding accessories to your outfits, because you're running late. 

Have no fear, I have the perfect solution to your problem.  What I like to do is the night before, is to  pick out my outfit and as well as my accessories. By having everything set-out the night before, it saves so much time in the morning. Setting out your rings, necklace, earrings,
and  add touches that really make you shine.  Always be fashion foreword no matter what the event is big or small. Just remember to layer if necessary.  I Love Fall!!!

Leeah D, Jackson


August 2014


Hey guys welcome back to another "Blingz and Things" article. 

I'm going to  talking about something that I thought I wouldn't like until I tried it. I got to say I really enjoyed making loom bands . My seven year old niece got me into making them with her. 

Let me say that little girl is pro at making them .  You may think that the loom bands are for pre-teens and little kids.  But once you add your bands to your outfits it adds a burst of fun.  Try them they are so cool.  I find myself killing time making the bracelets, and other things with them.  Some people have went as far as making clothing.   

So jump on the Loom Band Wagon and get to having fun!!!!


July 2014


Hey guys welcome back to another "Blings and Thing article."

We're still in summer and that means hot days. I love the summer

time but when it hot as all get out , I don't want to where anything

big and chunky. So I like to keep things small simple and clean.

What I mean by keeping things and clean is that you don't have to

wear big hoops or chunky necklaces . Just by adding a simple small

clean and simple necklaces and some really funky cool  stud earrings.

Wearing things that are  clean and simple yet still being  cute and fashionable. Here are a few  ideas.


June 2014


Hey guys, I'm back with another article and this time it's SUMMER !! Yes I love summer, going to the beach and just having fun.
 Since its summer every girl has to have that perfect outfit that they spend hours looking and 
trying on things. But 
if you don't have any accessories that matches your outfit well, I have the perfect answer for any girl. Just add a pop of color it doesn't have to match your outfit at all. But it does have to kinda coordinate with your outfit. For example, let's say... if you wear a white top with some blue pants, you add some pink or green accessories. It doesn't matter what colors you wear, as long as, it makes you happy and fashionable. So until next time have an amazing summer ...


May 2014


Summer is right around the corner. That means no school, hot days and of course all the great fashion and flair. There is great headgear for the summer for hair styles you want to show off and for those bad hair days.  For anyone who knows me, knows I love my hats and headbands; girls can never go wrong these in her closet.  

Your outfits can be taken to another level and incorporate bling with every piece, just don’t overdo it.  Sizzling HOT bling inspires your summer fashion looks.  With high fashion statement, a collection of jewelry, stylish accessories, and exceptional

creation for fun in the sun.  Show off your Summer Bling and you never have to break the bank to do it.

Get in touch with your feminine side today, summer bling-bling for me!  What about you? What are you wearing for your bling-bling summer?

April 2014


Hey guys it's me Leeah D.

I’m here to show you some Spring Bling!!!  
You can expect to see pastel and bright colors. Now is the time to go through you collections and spruce up your bling.   Find pieces that will enhance those flops and pretty sandals. 

Spring has been my favorite season, it’s not too cold and its not to hot it’s just right.  So check out some of my newest Spring Bling pieces.


MARCH 2014


Hey guys, I'm back with another great story. We're going to talk about how to keep your jewelry and other things in-order. Since I have so much bling & things, I have to keep them organized; or I would never find anything. I will show you how I keep some of my pieces from being lost.

My little secret is use what you have, or just go to an inexpensive store to keep your bling together. I love finding all kinds of organizers and making them my own. I also like to take things lying around my house and purposing them for organizing and keeping my room in-order .

Try it , take a look around the house or go to a dollar store and see what you find!!

Happy organizing, your girl, Leeah D.


(February 2014)

All Gold Everything!

Hey everyone!  I’m back once again with another great article. So today I’m going to talk about gold jewelry. I got inspired when I was cleaning out my jewelry box and organizing my things f (I’ll have an article on organizing your jewelry soon). I saw that I had a lot of gold jewelry. Now I didn’t take a picture of all of the jewelry because it was so much, so here is a few pieces.

You never have too much bling,

Because it goes with everything!


NEW TREND JEWERLY (January 2014)
Hey guys I'm back again an today I'm going to be talking about some of the new jewelry trends  for the spring of 2014. I'm going to be talking about some of thing that I love or the thing that should be left on the runway.

I'm going to start with some of the things that I love
 Jewelry that contains messages and solgans

I find that having soming that has meaning and can brighting up someones day.

Stacked and layered jewelry

This trend I love dearly , the mult-layerd look great dressy or even casual .

 The zodic necklaces
The zodic sign is starting to become the new trend of 2014 .



Hey guys, I'm back now since Thanksgiving has sadly pass.  Now we have time to think all about Christmas and what it really means.  I enjoy celebrating this time of year to reflect back on the real and true meaning of this season, the birth of Christ.  This season is about giving and sharing love and spreading joy to all. 

Also, when I think about Christmas, I think sparkle and glitter.  I love this time of the year all the different colors and all the holiday parties.  I'm going to list a few things, I find helpful to wear with any of your holiday party outfit.  First things first, make sure you have your outfit all set out.  Here is my list of bling and things, I find that will make your holiday outfit sparkle and a hit at the party

1: Sparkly Headbands- I find that wearing a headband make any outfit go from plain to spicy!!!

2: Dangling Earrings – What’s an outfit without these

3: Fun Necklaces and Groovy Holiday Pins - Make a drab outfit go from Duh to Dazzle!!!!

No matter what you wear,  just have fun and mix and match, you don't want to be too matchy matchy.



Hey guys, the holiday is coming up so I wanted to to share some things that my God-moms and mom have accumulated over the years.   Maybe this will give you some ideas of blinging your outfits out or maybe an inspiration in giving a love gift to some one you really care about.

Tiffany - What girl doesn't want Tiffany?

Michael Kors is always a winner for me!!!

Neiman Marcus ideas!!!

Black accessories!!!

Coach Bling!!!!

So, let's start thinking of how you are going to make that special person smile with some bling this holiday season!!!!!!


SWEET STUFF (September 2013)

Hello this is your girl Leeah,

I want to spotlight another person in my life with a lot of Bling, my mom, Towana Taylor-Jackson. Her jewelry can put the final touches on your everyday out fits or that special piece of Bling for a night out on town .

Check out her website " DeZine" and believe me you will see something you will want to buy



I want to introduce you to one of “My Very Own - Personal Jewelry Designer, Mr. Darrel Roach”.  He is an amazing artist.  Be on the lookout great things are coming soon.

Darrell Gene Roach 
As a child he began to explore his artistic talents while participating in art projects with his mother Janet Roach. His first memorable work was a painting that he and his mother completed: a representation of the tree of knowledge and the sun, with an illustration of his mother holding him up to observe the glorious objects of the world. As he progressed into adulthood, finding great disappointment in his ability to express himself within the traditional business world, he became a full-time artist. He reached a career boost as the media and celebrities soon came to highly regard his work.

                As an artist, Roach has been able to see his work transform from raw, cut-up bed linens into expensive wall treatments in some of the wealthiest homes across the United States. Likewise, his jewelry-making pursuit, which spawned from “an investment of $7.50 and a roll of copper wire,” turned him into a well-respected designer brand which has strutted down numerous red carpets and been showcased on iconic people such as Suzanne Taylor to chart-topping performers Rihanna and Beyoncè Knowles Carter.

                Since Roach's rise to renown, his work has been featured in top fashion magazines across the globe, such as Vogue Italy, Elle Mexico, Fashion Magazine Canada, Zink, Cosmo and Glitterati. Despite his rise and the complexities that accompany it, his view on his career has retained the raw simplicity of its beginning. Roach says, “I love making things that I like. I am just blessed that many other people have appreciated my work. So in my eyes, I am just as I was when I began: an AMERICAN ARTIST.”

CLICK HERE to view more about this amazing jewelry designer.





Many times it seems that no matter how many outfits you have tried on, they sometimes seem boring and just dull.  Accessories helps any outfit look fresh and exciting.  No outfit is ever complete without the right accessories.  Accessories make the outfit and we must remember to keep it  cute but simple!  Here are some of my quick ways to accessorize any outfit!

Hint: Do your accessories need to go with your outfit or clash

  • 1Make a pile of your jewelry, scarves, bags and shoes.

    2.  Organize your accessories into piles of either styles or colors.

    3. Experiment with clothing articles and accessories

If you are not happy with the accessories you already have, shop around online, or in retail stores. You'll never know what you'll find!

Tip:  Try matching clothes with accessories.  If your outfit has many patterns, mix the colors up!   Now Go For It and make your outfit Bling, Bling.

Accessories Are A Must!(June 2013)

I love accessories. Accessories set the outfits, no matter what you wear, you can pop your outfit with some neat, fun and blinging jewelry.  

If you could ask me what I can’t do, without in dressing and styling, my accessories would be at the top of the list.  

I love jewelry and no girl should ever leave home without her accessories, just don’t overdo it. 


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