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April 2020                                                By Milan


February 2020                                          By Victoria Madison Deavers

How to Make Cute Shirts using Chalk Couture Transfers 

A) These are the supplies you will need.  First, I purchased a light cute plain tshirt with a tie in the front from Amazon for 8.00!  I also purchased a bright neon pink t-shirt from Amazon for 6.00! I also used Chalk Coulure Ink for my two shirts that I made.  I picked out the transfers that I wanted for my two shirts and I picked out the ink colors I wanted for my shirts. You will also need an iron, parchment paper, Chalk Couture ink mat, cardboard to put in-between the shirt and masking tape.  

B) Put your shirt on top of a ink mat or hard surface.  Next, tape masking tape around the Transfer so that the transfer will stay in place.
C) Paint with up/down strokes with a squeegee.  I used gold ink for this transfer. Then use a blow dryer to gently dry your shirt.  

This is an example of my second shirt I made.  I used white ink and sparkle silver ink in the middle.  I had to use three strokes for the silver sparkle ink because it was lighter.  Gently peel off the transfer and the masking tape when you are finished!

Put parchment paper on top of the shirt and gently iron the shirt so that the ink stays when you wash it!  Let the shirt cool! Now you are ready to wear your Chalk Couture Ink shirt!

Now I’m ready for Valentine’s day!  I can’t wait to make more shirts and make more fashion with Chalk Couture!  Stay tuned!


May 2018                                       By Grace Yaniak

By: Grace Yaniak
April 2018

By: Grace Yaniak

March 2018

By: Grace Yaniak

February 2018

Colorful Painted Wooden Bracelets

What You Need:

Liquid watercolors
- Paint brushes
- Small cups (we used disposable drinking cups)
Wooden Bangles 
- Tray and parchment paper to dry your bangles 


Step 1. Dilute your watercolors in a bit of water in your cups The more diluted the less bright the colors will be so the ratio is up to you.

Step 2. Ask your child to paint away, creating colors, stripes, designs, whatever they like. Keep in mind the watercolors will bleed quickly on the wood bangles so having fine paintbrushes will help in preventing the colors spreading too quickly. Also make sure colors dry in between if you want to paint designs on top to prevent muddy colors. Of course if that happens it's fine too! As long as your child is enjoying the process.

Let the bangles dry on a parchment lined tray and you're done!

Aren't they beautiful? 

Haley Powell

Haley is a free spirited 11 year old with an infectious happy personality who enjoys being a kid. She is multitalented with a serious passion for writing, dance, acting,and voiceover. After training as an FTS News Reporter and pursuing becoming a kids film critic, her continued passion for writing caused her to research the Designer Kids Magazine to also pursue blogging.  

August 2015

Back to School Notebooks
Hi everyone!! Hope you had an awesome summer vacation cause school is now back in session! This is Haley Powell again with another great project that teens will love! They can customize plain spiral bound notebooks to suit their own style and personality. Here’s what you will need.


Plain spiral notebooks (as many as you want)
Old junk mail catalogues and magazines
Mod Podge
Clear contact paper
Raid your paper recycling pile for old junk mail catalogues and magazines. Clip out any words that take your fancy. Try and get a range of colors, sizes, and fonts

Arrange them on the front and back of the journal.

When you are happy with the layout, apply some Mod Podge to them to stick them down.

Allow for the glue to dry, and then paint a couple of layers of Mod Podge 
over to seal them. Allow the Mod Podge time to dry between coats.
Alternatively you can use some clear contact paper over the top to protect your Word Art.

Here are samples of two finished notebooks.

You can personalize it with hip or cool words, positive inspirational words, or just plain funny words. Hope you enjoyed and have a great school year!! This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea


July 2015

4th of July Nails

Hey guys!! Guess who is back with another craft idea to rock your 4th of July holiday! This is a craft idea you can actually wear as well has have fun creating!

Here are the materials you will need:


Nail polish-any brand will do:
(colors- red, white, blue, clear (top/basecoat)
Hair pin or Nail art brush
Group of  friends to help apply and also to have fun girl time with


Apply your base coat to all fingers;
Apply red nail polish to all fingers except the ring finger;
Apply blue nail polich to ring finger;
Use nail brush or hair pin to design stars on ring finger with white polish;
Apply top coat and let dry. 
I did it with my mom! Here is what her nails looked like when I finished.

Below are several different looks for 4th of July nails that you can and your girlfriends experiment with. Make sure you match them with your outfit!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s holiday craft idea. This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea!!


June 2015

Father’s Day Coupons for Dad

Hi everyone!! It’s Haley Powell and I’ve found a great idea to create for Father’s Day. It is really easy to make and Dad will love it cause its straight from the heart! Here are the materials you will need:
Copy paper (white or colored)
Card Stock (colored or designs)
Hole puncher
Paper fasteners

There are many ways that this can be done. Here are three different examples to play with.

Design One:
Cut the copy paper our to your desired size for the coupon; Cut card stock to the same size for a cover; stack on top of coupons. With a standard hole punch, make a hole in the upper-left corner of the stack; insert a paper fastener.

Design Two:

Cut a cover, and place on top of coupons. Secure stack with paper clips; machine-sew along the left side.

Design Three:

Cut card stock to 2 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Fold end of strip over 3/4 inch; slide coupons inside flap, and staple though its center. Bend opposite end of cover over coupons, and insert under flap (like a matchbook cover); then crease.

Once you have made your booklet, write whatever special coupon notes inside you feel DAD would love to hear. Give him a free massage or a day you will clean his car. You can even create breakfast in bed, etc. Guaranteed to bring a smile to his face, especially if you are a “daddy’s girl” like me!!
Hope you enjoyed this month’s craft. This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea!!


May 2015

Tissue Paper Night Light

Hi Everyone!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day holiday. It's Haley Powell
back again with another fantastic craft idea! Create a design-it-yourself night-
light using everyday materials and a spark of creativity. Here's what you will

Colored tissue paper
A jar
Paint brushes
Batter-operated tea lights
Small bowl

Any kind of glass jar is perfect for this project... you can use a jelly jar, a fancy-shaped jar, a baby food jar--whatever you like.
First choose your favorite colors, and either cut or tear them into smallish bits. (It's always fun to tear up paper!) Then add a splash of water and a bit of glue into a small bowl, and mix the two liquids together.
You may choose to cover your entire jar with glue at this point, or to work in smaller areas or sections at a time--it's up to you. Then press pieces of
tissue on the glass.

Once you have the jar mostly covered and have covered empty spots, it's easy to pick up the jar, and turn it upside down to add your final touches. Cover it with tissue to your satisfaction then finish it off with a layer of glue, pressing all the tissue flat against the jar.

Set the jar in a place where it will dry. Put on a lid, if you think it should have one (paint the lid first, if you'd like),

When it’s dry, place the tea light inside and find exactly the right spot for your beautiful new night-light.

You can even use it as a gift! It will show how much you care by putting in all the time and effort to make it just for them. Hope you enjoyed!! This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea.


April  2015

"Friendship Bracelet"

Hi everyone!!  It’s Haley Powell and I’m back this month with another craft idea! It’s always nice to show your friends that you care.  So why not make a simple friendship bracelet for any occasion as a reminder of how important your friendship is! Here’s what you will need.

3 strands of embroidery floss or yarn each 6 feet long;

floss is nicer but a nice thick yarn can be easier to use the first time you do the project.

Put your yarn together so all of the ends meet
Fold in half and knot in the middle (now you have 6 strands)
tape the knot to a table or clip it onto a clipboard (or get a
friend to hold it)

Starting from left to right, use the left most string (in this case the yellow) to make a double knot around each of the other strings -- the image shows what one double knot looks like

using the colors in our diagram, we'd use the left most yellow to make a double knot around the red, then the second red, the green, then the second green, then the yellow
At the end of that, the string we used for knotting is now on the right most side of the project and there's a diagonal first row of knots across our bracelet

Again, starting from left to right, we'll pick up our next string and knot all the way across with it -- in our diagram, we pick up the right string and knot across the green, green, red, yellow, yellow
continue this process of taking the left most string and double knotting all the way across the other strings until your bracelet is long enough to tie around your wrist

Tie a simple knot in the end and then tie it around your friend's wrist!

Hope you enjoyed!!  This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea.


March 2015

“Paperbag Book”

Hi everyone!!  It’s Haley Powell and I’ve found a great idea to create a book. It is really easy to make and you can turn it into any kind of book you like, such as a scrap book, a brag book or even a jounal!
Here’s what you will need.

paper bags (lunch sack size)
paints (tempora)
paint brushes
flower pictures
and a drawing book of ideas


The next steps are totally up to you. Use your imagination to continue.  Done!! How easy if that?? 
Hope you enjoyed this month’s craft!!  This is Haley Powell saying see you next time for another cool craft idea.


February 2015


Hi everyone!!  It’s Haley Powell and I’m back this month with a really sweet idea! Lollipop trees are a huge hit on Valentines Day or for any holiday party. They are really easy to make and they also can make great centerpieces to decorate a table.  When theparty is over, you can give them out to your guests to take home.Here’s what you will need.

A small plant pot; 
A styrofoam ball; 
A bag of dum dums.

1. Place your styrofoam ball on top of the plant pot.

2. Start sticking your dum dum lollipops into the styrofoam ball,keeping the lollipops close together.

3. Continue sticking the lollipops in until you’ve filled the part of the ball that is showing outside the plant pot.

Done!! How easy if that??  You can also use a styrofoam wreath or any other styrofoam object.   It  makes great decorations for  all holidays by just a change in color of the lollipops wrappers.

Hope you enjoyed!!   This  is  Haley Powell  saying see you next month for another cool craft idea.


January 2015

The Flower Pen:
Need a new spring gift idea? Or just want to make your desk look pretty? This is Haley Powell with a new January craft idea. I am going to show you a cute way to decorate your desk.

What You’ll Need:
1 pretty silk flower {check your craft store}
1 Ball-Point Pen
1 Mason Jar {I bought this one at Wal-Mart}
River Rocks {I found these at Dollar Tree}
Floral Tape {check your craft store}

What You’ll Do:
Remove top off pen.  {on some pens these just pop right off… on this one I had at it with a knife ~ it took some girl-power, and it wasn't pretty!}

Trim flower stem so the length will be just long enough for the stem to fit down into the pen.  {I used a wire cutter, but then my finger got caught in it… ouchie!  These are the pictures I’m not showing you.  Just watch your fingers… mmm-kay?}

My stem had an extra thick piece around it, so I just sliced that off too!

Add a thin amount of hot glue to flower stem, and insert into pen. Allow to dry.

Begin to wrap the floral tape around the pen {it will stick to itself when stretched}, so pull the tape fairly tightly as you wrap.

Wrap all the way up to the base of the flower, then trim off the floral tape and secure.  Isn’t it looking pretty??

Now… go grab your jar ~ fill it with shiny little river rocks, and pop your pretty flower pen into it!  Tie some matching ribbons around the jar, and you’ve got a Pretty Flower Pen {or another fun gift in a jar}!

The flower pen would make any desk more cheerful… and would also make fun, thrifty gifts! This is Haley Powell, see you next month!


December 2014



November 2014


October 2014

How To Create A Goranisle Envelope


September 2014

“Crayon Candle

If there are kids in the house, then chances are, you've got crayons coming out of your ears. Every new school year comes with a supply list that inevitably includes a brand new box of crayons. On the last day of school, I bring a lot of broken crayons home. They get tossed into a big plastic bin and get used for home projects. But a family only needs so many crayons.

What you will need:

Broken crayons
Assorted jars. For this project you can use a jelly jar, a small pickle jar, and the remains of an old Christmas candle whose wick had burned out.
1 lb bag of soy wax (makes three small to medium candles)
Candle wick
Clothes pins
Hot glue gun
Double burner (or two pots and one metal cookie cutter)

Instructions for putting it all together:

1. Prepare the wick: Use glue gun and add hot glue to the metal bottom of the wick.

2. Fix the wick at the bottom of the jar. Use a clothespin to hold the wick in a vertical position.

3. Peel off the paper: You can get everyone involved to help do this.

4. Fill the jars with crayons. You can keep the colors together or mix them up.

5. Heat the water: If you don't have a double boiler, you can make one by putting a metal cookie cutter in the bottom of a large pot. Fill the pot with water just to the top of the cookie cutter. Then place the smaller pot inside the larger one, so that its bottom rests on top of the cookie cutter. Bring the water to a simmer.

6. Melt the wax: Pour wax flakes into small pot. Do not leave melting wax unattended. Wax tends to go from solid to liquid very quickly. When the last flake melts, take the small pot off the heat right away.

7. Pour the wax: Carefully pour the wax to about an inch from the top of the wick. Alternatively, you can pour the wax until it comes 3/4 of the way up the jar. Allow the wax to cool for about half hour.

8. Trim the wick: When the candles have cooled for about a half an hour, trim the wick to 1/4 inches. Longer wicks can make a flame that's too big.

I love how the different colors show through the glass, and how the un-melted crayons sit at the top. This project is a nice way to recycle some of those extra crayons into something beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed!! This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea!


August 2014
“String Telephone Project”

Have you ever wondered how back in the olden days, people used cups and strings as a telephone? Well, now I’m giving you the chance to discover it for yourself by showing you how it actually works!!
 Supplies you will need:
  • 2 paper cups
  • A sharp pencil or sewing needle to help poke holes
  • String (kite string and fishing lines work well) 2 paper cups

Instructions for putting it all together:

  • Cut a long piece of string, you can experiment with different lengths but perhaps 20 meters (or 66 feet) is a good place to start.
  • Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.
  • Thread the string through each cup and tie knots at each end to stop it pulling through the cup (alternatively you can use a paper clip, washer or similar small object to hold the string in place).
  • Move into position with you and a friend holding the cups at a distance that makes the string tight (making sure the string isn't touching anything 

One person talks into the cup while the other puts the cup to their ear and listens, can you hear each other?


Did you know that when you talk into the cup, it creates sound waves which are converted into vibrations at the bottom of the cup? The vibrations move along the string and are converted back into sound waves at the other end so your friend can hear what you said. Sound travels through the air but it travels even better through solids such as your cup and string, allowing you to hear sounds that might be too far away when traveling through the air.
August is back to school month and this is a fun project to say you actually learned something about science and how sound waves travel.
Hope you enjoyed!!  This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea!


July 2014

“Mini Ice Sculpture”

It’s Summer time and I’ve got an activity to cool you off.  Let’s build an ice sculpture!  I know what you are thinking.  “How are we supposed to do that?”  Well, I‘m going to show you how. 

Here are the supplies you will need:

·         Plastic containers of different shapes and sizes;

·         Food coloring;

·         Table salt in salt shakers;

·         Gloves and/or mittens (its going to get cold);

·         Fancy small plate or saucer.


·         Freeze some water in different size and shaped containers; add food coloring to the water if you choose;

·         Keep gloves and mittens close by; Cover your work area;

·         Take ice out of containers;

·         Use the salt to mold the ice into different designs and shapes as it melts;

·         Place your design into a fancy plate or saucer;

·         Put it back in the freezer so your sculpture can harden the way you created it.

You can add leaves around the bottom of the saucer or decorate your saucer any way you’d like to accent the sculpture.  You will be surprised at the colors and shapes you have made.

Now this is a cool summer project just for fun.  Hope you enjoyed!!  This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another cool craft idea!



June 2014


Are you looking for a new and fun way to keep track of the page in the book you are reading?  Well here is an idea for a corner book mark that is not only fun to look at but also doesn’t fall out of your book!
Below are the supplies you will need to make this fun project
1 sheet of blank 8.5 x 11 paper, or cardstock to make it heavier
1 regular led pencil
1 ruler
1 box of crayons
1 pair of scissors
a glue stick or tape

This is a fun and easy craft that is easy to transform for either a boy or girl.  Here are the steps needed:

On the piece paper, draw a square. Use your ruler so its sides are perfectly straight. Don’t make it too big – mine measured 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches . Draw second square exactly the same size on the right side of the first square (so they share a side) and a third square exactly the same size on the top of the first square. You should end up with 3 squares that compose an L shape.

Using your ruler, draw a diagonal line across the uppermost square, from its top right corner to its bottom left corner. Scribble out the upper left half (now a triangle) of the square, as you won’t be using that part. Do the same to the bottom right square.

Cut out all parts of the entire shape that have not been scribbled out. This should be a square with two triangles attached to it, one on the top and one on the right. This is your template.

Next color the back and the front of the square.  I chose rainbow colors but you can design it any way you want. Then use a black crayon to color over the rainbow colors.

Fold the first corner triangle over.  Then glue or tape the second triangle over the first one.  

Color what is left of the triangle in rainbow colors.  Then color over the rainbow in black.  The entire thing should now be colored black.

Take the scissors and scrape out any design you wish.  I went with a face and added buck teeth!!  Because of the rainbow under the black crayon, I ended up with one blue eye and one yellow eye!  On the back, I scraped out my name.

Slide your bookmark onto the corner of your book page.  You will never forget where you left off!

Corner book marks are also a great gift idea to give with a book.  This is a cool and unique way to be different from those same flat boring rectangular bookmarks.  Hope you enjoyed!! This is Haley Powell introducing you to “Op Art” See you next month for another fun craft adventure!!

Haley Powell


May 2014

 I am a kid and kids love playing with bubbles in the tub.  However, the cost of some bubble baths and what they are made out of may make parents not want to buy them.  For example, I have extremely sensitive skin and certain soaps make my skin break out.  So, I decided to research how I could have my own bubble bath without mommy worrying what will happen to my skin!  This is what I found!

Here are the materials that you will need:


1 cup of tear-free or sensitive skin baby shampoo or baby body wash

2 cups of almond oil

1 teaspoon of glycerin  (used as an added moisturizer)

Food coloring (optional)

2 mixing bowls

Let’s get started on making BUBBLES!!!

·         Mix 1 cup shampoo or body wash and 3/4 cup of water in a mixing bowl.

·         Stir together 1 teaspoon of glycerin and 2 cups almond oil in a separate mixing bowl. (Glycerin is a thick liquid used as a skin softener and moisturizer found in many skin care products)

·         Pour the soap mixture into the almond oil mixture, slowly stirring as you pour.

·         Pour the new mixture into a reusable plastic bottle to store it. When you're ready to use the bubble bath, pour 1 to 2 tablespoons (or as much as you want) into running bath water and HAVE A BLUBBLE BLAST.

Making homemade bubble bath lets you use a gentle soap. You can also make it for a lot less money than store-bought bubble baths!  This also means you can use as much as you want to make as many bubbles you want without feeling like its being wasted and it’s a whole lot more fun that just buying it!

 I hope you enjoyed this bubble filled summer fun craft idea. This is Haley Powell saying see you next month for another fun craft adventure!! Bye-Bye!




April 2014


Hi everybody! This is Haley Powell and I’m back with another fun craft adventure!!   Have you ever heard of a “PEEP WREATH?”  Well you can use it as a decoration for a Spring party, Easter celebration or even a Spring baby shower!   Here are the materials you will need.

  • ·         Toothpicks
  • ·         A 10 inch straw wreath (you can find this at any craft store)
  • ·         9 packs of different colored peeps
  • ·         Ribbon

  • Push a toothpick through the bottom of the peep upward all the way until you almost see it pop out of the top of the head.

  • Push toothpick into straw wreath. Don’t worry if the toothpick comes out the top of the head. Just push the mushy head up and back around the toothpick top. Peeps mend amazingly fast!
  • Continue with the rest of the colors, working one pack of Peeps at a time. Don’t forget to put some of your Peeps facing different directions and on the sides of the wreath as well.
  • Work through all the packs of Peeps, one color at a time,  until your wreath is completely covered!
  • Tie a big bow out of your ribbon, push a toothpick through the center and attach to wreath.

Here is what the wreath will look like when completed.  You can even use bunny peeps!

After a while the peeps will dry out and harden.  This is a fun project for adults who love to decorate as well as kids.  However, try not to eat ALL the peeps before finishing the project. 

This is Haley Powell saying check us out next month for another spectacular craft adventure!!  

Happy Spring!!
Haley Powell


April 2014


Spring signifies growth after life’s struggles. You hear birds chirping, you see flower buds blooming, the sun shines a little bit brighter and the crisp morning dew is unlike anything else you’ve ever known.
Spring also signifies the beauty of the planet Earth. In fact, April 22nd is Earth Day. During this time, it is imperative that we acknowledge the importance in preserving the planet Earth. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, ladies! Read below to uncover the top five best ways to recycle!

1.      1.        Recycling old technology            
That old flip phone from 2005? It’s gotta go. Americans waste way too much technology each year by throwing away their old technology. (This includes cellular devices, TV’s, radios, and computers)
2.       Coffee Cups
Starbucks, Coffee Bean and 7-11 all carry reusable coffee mugs. Instead of purchasing a new cup every day, why not invest in a reusable one and use it over? Buying a mug can avoid the waste caused by throwing away that Styrofoam.
3.       Use those recycle bins!
Make sure that you have a specified bin ready to put all of your recyclables in. Most of the time, the opportunity to recycle is avoided because there is nowhere to recycle.
4.       Reduce, Reduce, And Reduce!
Why purchase fifty toilet paper rolls, when you know you’ll only need five for the month?        And when you do finish with those five, make sure that you recycle and 

        reuse them so that they can go towards a better cause.

5.       Printer Paper
        Instead of using fifty sheets of printer paper, use both sides of the paper and change fifty to twenty-five. Using smaller font sizes can also help to avoid this, as well. 

Christiana Davis


March 2014


Hi everybody! This is Haley Powell and I am back with another craft idea to share with you.  This is a fun anytime craft idea to use as a science project or for St. Patrick Day!  Here are the materials you will need.

  • Food coloring: Red Blue and Yellow 
  • 3 large glasses of water 
  • 3 smaller, clear glasses 
  • Spoon


  • Fill the three large glasses with about one cup of water each. Leave the other three smaller glasses empty.
  • Add a few drops of red food coloring to one of the large glasses of water and stir with a spoon to mix well. Repeat with the yellow and blue food coloring with the other two glasses. When done you should have a large glass of each of the colors.

  • Pour about ½ cup of one of the colored waters into a small glass. Pick a second color and pour ½ cup of it into the same small glass. See what color you’ve made!

Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green
Red + Yellow = Orange

This is a safe, fun project for kids to experiment with.  If you have a St. Patricks Day get together, you can put the glasses together to get a display of colors just like in a rainbow to use as a decoration. 

This is Haley Powell saying check us out in the next issue for another craft adventure!!




Hi everybody! This is Haley Powell and I am back with another craft idea to share with you.

February is Black History Month so time to show your spirit and get educated! There are many crafts and activities that can be done to celebrate Black History but I chose “Quilting.” There are also many different styles of African American quilting such as Freedom Quilts, History Quilts and of course Slavery Quilts, but my favorite is the Story Quilt. I’m going to walk you through making a story quilt of famous African Americans.

Materials Needed:

· A method of research such as the library or internet
· Construction paper
· Glue
· Scissors
· Different types of fabric

1. First research several African American heroes, activists, inventors, or artists, etc.; then take notes on their accomplishments in history.
2. Take the construction paper and cut it into at least twelve 8 x 8 squares;
3. Create about a 3” border on the inside of each square;
4. Write the story or history of the famous African American inside the square and draw an illustration;
5. Cut the fabric and glue it down within and around the 3” boarder;
6. Once you are done decorating, glue all your squares together.
You now have a Story Quilt of famous African Americans to represent Black History Month. Here is a sample of what it can look like. Of course, with real quilts, the squares are made out of fabric and are sewn together. However, this version is a great way to explain to kids what the quilt represents.

This is Haley Powell saying Happy Black History Month! Check us out in the next issue for another craft adventure!!


Snow Globes (December 2013)

Hi! It’s Haley Powell with some holiday fun time! This is my FAVORITE time of year so I’m going to show you how to make a snow globe straight out of your own imagination.  It’s something you can share with everyone in your family through the holiday season.  Here’s what you will need:


  • Synthetic evergreen tips  (mini trees)
  • Plastic or ceramic figurines
  • Glass jar
  • Oil-based enamel paint (optional)
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear-drying epoxy (or crazy glue)
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin
  • Distilled water
Almost any jar works for this project: Baby-food jars work the best. Look around your house to find plastic/ceramic figurines or Christmas ornaments (metal will rust) or to get a little fancy you can go to a craft store.  Synthetic evergreen tips (mini trees) can be found there too or at many floral-supply stores and glycerin in any drugstore.


1.     Step 1

If the jar lids are not in seasonal colors, paint them
with oil-based enamel paint.

2.     Step 2

Sand the inside of the lid until the surface is rough. With
clear-drying epoxy or crazy glue, stick the figurine to the inside of the lid, and let it dry.

3.     Step 3

Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water; add some
glitter and a little glycerin to keep the glitter from falling
too fast. Don't add too much, or the glitter will stick to the
bottom of the jar when it's flipped.

4.     Step 4

Screw the lid on tightly but be careful not to unstick the
figurine. Turn the jar over and back again and

This is Haley Powell wishing you a Happy Holiday Season.  Stay tuned for the next craft adventure!!


Gingerbread Houses (December 2013) 

This Christmas get into the holiday spirit by making 
a one-of-a-kind gingerbread house! Make sure that 
you get a parent’s permission before attempting to do this

What You’ll Need
  • white frosting (bought or made from scratch)
  • graham crackers
  • milk containers from school lunch
  • small squares of cardboard
  • white coconut
  • mini marshmallows
  • gumdrops
  • licorice
  • Lifesavers ®
  • any other fun, decorative candies
  • cake decorator bags with tips
Let’s Get Started!
The first thing you should do is put your frosting in bags with tips.

Glue the flattened out milk carton down using the frosting as your cement or glue.
Place a square of the graham crackers on the two sides of the milk cartons.
Upholster the milk carton and the graham cracker with the frosting. And if it happens to get on the graham crackers, that’s okay- it’ll resemble snow!
Put two graham crackers shaped like an upside down “V” for the roof. Use your frosting as glue.

After you’ve done this, you can use any other type of candy that you enjoy to decorate your house. Have fun, be creative, and when you’re done make sure to send us a picture!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Christiana Davis

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An Attitude of Gratitude (November 2013)

The month of November is a time we take to reflect on things that we are grateful for. Check out this month’s edition to learn a new, cool way to concentrate on your many blessings! 
  1. Gather a group of construction paper. Make sure to use fall colors. (Orange, Rust, Green, Yellow, etc.)
  2. Cut a leaf for each day of the month that remains. Or, you can cut one day by day, instead of doing it all at one moment.
  3. Reflect on the day that you had. What were some things that you really were appreciative for?
  4. Write the theme of that concept in the middle of your leaf. (Ex: November 22nd LOVE)
  5. As each day passes, you will repeat the instructions.
  6. When November 29th approaches, you should make a banner using each leaf for the days you have concentrated on.
  7. The outline of your banner should be made of string. You can purchase the string at any type of department store, or home appliance store.
  8. Attach the leaves to the string using clips. These clips can be purchased at department stores as well. (Target, Wal Mart, etc.)
  9. Post your banner!
  10. Reflect on your banner. Learn to appreciate those concepts each day- and most importantly, have fun! If you want to add any last minute glitter, stickers, drawings or accessories to your banner make sure to do so.

 Christiana Davis


“How to Make a Paper Puppy” (October 2013)

Hi everyone!  My name is Haley Powell and I am a new blogger here to talk about fun crafts for kids.  Lets get to work!  Im going to show you have to make a puppy out of paper.  This is my very own personal creation.  It can be used as an action figure to play with or you can hang it on your wall as a decoration.  Here are the materials you will need:

    A blank 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper
·      A pair of scissors
·      Colored pencils
Optional materials:
·      Glitter glue

Step 1:  Hold the blank sheet of paper horizontally;

Step 2:  Fold the top of the left corner to the bottom of the page leaving about 
two inches from the bottom right corner;

Step 3: Cut off the extra two inches of paper;

Step 4: Open paper to form a square;

Step 5: Fold all four corners towards the middle of the paper;

Step 6: Position the square as a diamond; fold the top point down towards 
the bottom point of the diamond;

Step 7: Bend top left and right corners down;

There you have it, your paper puppy.  Now, it’s time to decorate!  Make a face and add a nose on the front of your puppy.  Color and decorate your new friend however you want.  You can even add glitter glue to make it fancy. 

This has been a new craft blog by Haley Powell.  Enjoy!!


Seasonal Coasters! (September 2013)

September 22nd marks the first day of Fall. This also means, ladies, that there is no more room for summer and spring ideas or trends. Say goodbye ninety degree weather, and hello cool and crisp mornings! In order to get into the mood for the next couple of months here is a written tutorial on how to make seasonal coasters.
Things You’ll Need for this Craft ;

Four Coasters


Mod Podge (Optional)


Photos of the Fall and Winter Seasons (ex: Withered Trees, snow, pumpkins, etc.)

Any type of extra decoration you would like to use!

Step #1

Cut the photos you have to fit the coasters. This is easier to do if you have printed the photos out from a computer, so that you can adjust the size to fit the coaster. Since we’re going in seasonal order, you should start with photos that captivate autumn in its best moments. I’ve decided to start with an image of a road during the Fall Season.

Step #2

Mod Podge the picture to each edge of the coaster. Make sure that it’s secured tightly, so that it won’t peel. If you don’t want to use Mod Podge, try using EZ 600, which is super glue. You only need a coupe drops of this & it lasts for a very long time.

Step #3

After you glue your first picture, do the same with the other three. Make sure to use different photos each time. It creates a seasonal effect and even, a story at times.

I’ve chosen to make my next photos Halloween pumpkins, Thanksgiving decor, and a beautiful snowed out morning. Not only are they in chronological order, but they capture the idea of winter and Fall beautifully!


 Tank Top Totes (August 2013)

Tired of the heavy and hefty backpacks? Do you ever get back pains from the countless books? Want to recycle some of your old t-shirts? Keep reading & lean how to create the perfect back to school tote.

What you’ll need:                                  

1.   2 Tank Tops (Size & color do not matter)

      2.   Scissors
3.  Needle and Thread  

Part One:

Take two of your old tank tops and flip them
inside out, laying them on a flat surface.

Part Two:                            

If you want your tote shorter, cut the bottom
of the tank top. If you prefer a longer, bigger
tote, leave it as it is.

Part Three:

Take your needle and thread and pin the separated
ends of the tank tops together. These are the parts
that are separated by the torso.

Part Four:

Secure the thread by stitching another layer of
thread. If you want, you can use different colors
to add a pattern to the bag.

Part Five:

You’re all finished! The straps of your tank top
should serve as a handle for your bag. If it didn’t
turn out as desired, go back and make sure you
did each step.



Ladies, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. 

It should be a place that resembles your personality, and highlights the things that you enjoy. Believe it or not, a simple paint job can change your whole attitude. In fact, 65% of teens are affected by the environment that they’re in. You should surround yourself with fun, happy, and uplifting things.
Therefore, these things will be expressive in your 
behavior! Here are some fun ways to uniquely 
design your dwelling.

1. Pick a color scheme.
Colors are extremely vital in being satisfied with your end results. Make sure you use color(s) that can be used constantly throughout your room.

2. Rearrange your bedroom furniture, switch things around!
Who said interior decorating had to be expensive? Most of the time, you have everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

3. Use lots of pillows! They’re not just comfy, they’re fashionable, too-
One pair of pillows can make anything look naked. Try using two or three different sets. Make sure you incorporate your color & pattern schemes.

4. Mix your ideas up, have fun!
Red bed, red sofa, red wallpaper, red rugs- it all sounds so boring! (And ultimately, it will drive you insane) Mix your colors up! Color blocking is extremely popular now, and if you pick the right colors, it can be a huge success!

5. Lighting is everything!
Try color lighting! You never know how exciting a room can become until you change the lighting of it. You can even decorate your own light switch! Be creative and think outside the box!


How to make your own Lip Gloss!(June 2013)

As a girl, you know how hard it can be to find the ideal lip-gloss color. And when you do find a decent color, the price can be astronomical! For years, many of us have tried mixing colors, which can be sticky and hard to spread. Thankfully, there is a way to make your own lipstick. It’s inexpensive, quick, and you can use any color you’d like! 

All you need is: 
-Petroleum Jelly
-an eye shadow palette
-a cup and two spoons. 

First, pick a color from your eye shadow palette. (Make sure it’s a color that you would actually wear as a lipstick) Second, crush the eye shadow color with the spoon. Be sure that it’s broken up and no longer solid. Once you’re done crushing the eye shadow, pour it into the cup. 

Lastly, use your second spoon and scoop up some of your petroleum jelly. Stir the petroleum jelly and the eye shadow together for twenty seconds, and you will have your own lip-gloss! 

Christiana Davis

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea. I now have a reddish hue in my hair and it's been difficult to find the perfect shade of lipstick/gloss. I will try to make my own gloss to find a color suitable for me instead of spending too much money on colors that will clash. Thanks for the awesome tip. You rock.