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How To Do An Easy Hair Bun 

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How To Do A Pony Tail by Victoria


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January 2017



Carolyn Coleman

I am an honor roll student and I love to  do acting and cheer leading.         
 I love to create all types of styles with natural hair.

June 2013-June 2014

June 2014


Every diva comes across the catastrophe of a bad hair day. But that doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Here is quick way that I turn mine runway ready.This style is called the Afro puff. It can be accomplished 

-an old elastic headband 
-soft brush
-leave in conditioner (optional)-gel (optional)
-pretty headband (optional)

1. Spritz the water into your Afro so that it's easy to manage 
but not dripping.
2. Apply leave in conditioner all over hair for extra moisture.
3. Apply gel around perimeter for hold in the puff.
4. Brush perimeter to meet at the desired place for puff (top of head usually)
5. Put the old, stretched elastic headband around your head. Loop it twice if you can so that it can be tight enough to hold but loose enough to be mobile.
6. Push the headband toward the top of you head on all sides of the puff. This is your time to decide where and how big you want you're puff to be.
7. You can all put a cute headband on your puff to dress it up. And you're done!


f time in the morning.

The braids in the front and twists in the back give me a versatile style that can lasts for weeks. It's also protective and allow

Hair is my niche. I think of it a an additive for any Diva