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April 2020                                      By Victoria Deavers

I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Theresa Rinehart, Independent Designer of Chalk Couture and owner of Chalking with Theresa. Mrs. Rinehart showed me steps to make my own fashion wood heart jewelry as well as these cute shirts! 

How to Make Heart Wood Droplet Hanging Earrings

A) First, unfinished Wood Tapered Earrings Blank Cutouts were purchased from Amazon. These came in a set of 50 pieces of teardrop unfinished wood. 

B) Next I chose my Chalk Transfer. 

C) I learned how to “unfuzz” chalk transfers by placing the chalk transfer on a “fuzz cloth” so that all the objects are “fuzz free”. You have to fuzz the chalk transfer to get lint and fuzz so the sticky transfer doesn’t stick to tight to the surface. 

D) I painted the transfers with Chalk Couture pink paste.  We used a small Chalk Couture Squeegee to paint the heart transfer using the pink chalk paste with quick up/down strokes.  

E) I used a hair dryer to dry the heart earrings and a Q-tip to clean up the sides of the earrings.  

F) Next, the following was purchased from Amazon to put the earring together.  Beadnova 6mm Iron Open Jump Ring, 925 Sterling Silver earring hooks,  as well as the Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making tool Kit that had the “Needle Nosed Pliers” with the aqua handle.  

G) We put the 6mm Jump Ring through the center of the tear drop hole. 

H)  Finally, the 925 Sterling Silver earring hook was put through the 6mm jump ring. All the holes were closed with the Needle Nosed Pliers.

VOILA!!  That’s how to make 
Tear Drop Earrings!


February 2020                                By Tiana Nesmith


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