Designer's Program

The Designer Kids Project, a six to eight week workshop where kids are taught the basics of bringing their creative ideas to life. Each kid is guided, step by step in completing their own original fashion designs, from paper to the runway.

The kids not only learn how to choose fabrics, measure, pin, cut, operate a sewing machine, hand sew and fit models, but they learn valuable interviewing & runway basics, self esteem and confidence.

The Designer Kids Project also gives kids a chance to experience a professional photo shoot, chose models to wear their creations, and learn how to run a fashion show walk through.

Today we hear of ungrateful teens who are "up to no good" or lazily sliding by, also called "generation X."  It is truly refreshing to see a professional, like Nicole Butler, take an interest in kids and to see kids grateful for professional guidance. The Designer Kids Project fuses interviewing skills, photography, decision making skills, and creative design with fashion and produces grateful kids who are inspired to create in a positive & productive way, opening up doors of opportunity for the future.


PHILLY (Fashion Camp) 2015


FLORIDA (Fashion Camp) 2015

A PEEK at the FALL 2014 "Designer Kids" Fashion Show


JUST A PEEK at the FALL 2013 "Designer Kids" Fashion Show


Just A Peek at the SPRING 2013 "DESIGNER GIRLS" Fashion Show

     Madison                                      Jade                                                    Nikki                                             Aliyah
Dae Clarion                   Johnson                              Wanjala                          Royale

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