Saavy Shopper

Victoria Siverio

January 2017


I don't know about you guys, but I'm not the biggest fan of winter. Only the winter time clothes. Over the past weekend I went to my nearest thrift store and found some ADORABLE shirts, some cute booties, and a jacket. One shirt being a striped shirt with the Beatles on it. The jacket is a black windbreaker with a flower design, super cute and trendy! The booties are black combat boot type boots, that honestly slay me! They are short and cuffed at the top too! I hope you guys take this as, there are adorable and trendy things at thrift stores! Hope y'all have a nice week! 



Nov 2016

I want to be a blogger because, I think it would be awesome to help girls out and give them some advice about how to do or what to do. Especially about fashion, or hair because everybody needs a little help sometimes. 

March 2015- Present

Halloween is over! Noooo! But.. Thanksgiving is coming! Yaaaay! I love thanksgiving because I get to dress up very fall-y and that means I can make more clothes! One clothing trend that is trending where I am is blanket sweaters! All you need is...
- Blanket (Thin, recommended plaid design)
- Belt

What you're gonna do is take the blanket and turn it from a square to a triangle by folding it. After that you're gonna take the two bottom corners of the triangle and wrap them around you, then ask for help(or try by yourself) to tie the belt around your waist. When done it should look like a normal sweater but comfy. If you don't understand these steps, look at the pictures attached! :) I hope you guys try this, and start some trends! Remember... BeYOUtiful! :D  

Byyee! -Tori<3


Oct 2016

Oh my CTH (Calum Thomas Hood - Bass Player in 5 Seconds Of Summer)! It's already October! 

I don't know about you, but I am not one for the cold of fall! But, I can still make freezing, look cute, yet it'll still be cheap! As I mentioned before, thrift shopping is cheap and you can find amazing things! My friend told me all about her recent thrift-shopping spree and all the cute things she found. She found some cute muscle tee's she can pair with long sleeves, some long sleeved PINK sweaters, cute UGG boots, and skinny jeans. 

Now, I am the type of girl who is quirky but loves band t-shirts and ripped jeans! And muscle tee's.. A lot of muscle tee's! To make normal clothes your style, DIY! "Do It Yo-Self!" For the skinny jeans, you can search up how to DIY them into ripped jeans, with a parents permission and adult supervision, of course. As for long sleeves

or normal t-shirt you want to turn into muscle-tees to pair with black long sleeves, as DIY!
Search it up how to and use the same proceedure.

I hope you guys take my tips onto how to have some Triple F's! Falltastic Fun Freebies!

Xoxo, Tori!


August 2015
Back To School Sass!

Everybody loves the first day of school! Seeing old friends, meeting new friends, seeing their new teachers, but what some student DON'T like is the school dress code! My school dress code doesn't even let me dress like me, show off my style or anything! "Shorts go down to the end of your finger tips! No tank tops! No see through shirts without a tank top under! No shirts with holes! No shoes that show your toes! no shirts that show off your stomach!" But I have found a way to express yourself, and not get a detention!! Buy clothes that are appropriate for school, and you like ( not LOVE but 
like ), and are cheap! Go home and pair them up! Random Pairing Time! That's what I did and I found the PERFECT first day outfit! A light pink Paris shirt and dark green shorts and a crème colored sweater! Its cuter than it sounds! And that's how you make a great first impression, while looking sassy, adorable, and YOU! Hope I Helped!! Toodles! <3


July 2015


 Hey guys ! Its me again ! And its summer ! Yaaayyy !!! But, its also time for Back To School Shopping ! And I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE to dress nice when school starts ! Set off a good impression, you know ? And I don't know about you, but I don't like to throw around money for a top, bottom, and shoes ! I mean I could probably spend $10 dollars on a white top, plain shorts, and white shoes, then walk through the doors of school in a tie died top, sparkly shorts, and pink shoes ! All you need for this craft is - white tops, markers, plain shorts, plain shoes, rubber bands, glue, sparkles, and a tie-dye kit ! So firstly set up your tie-dye kit and rubber band a shirt up *there are websites that show how to rubber band up and t-shirt for specific designs* and dip it in ! Easy right ? Take I out and let it dry, then put some glue on some short in a design you like and sparkle it up ! When the shorts are done, take your shoes, and draw on them with a marker, *in a design you like* and then when everything is done drying, and all that jazz, first day of school you walk in fabulous !!! Hope you guys will enjoy your outfits ! Toodles 

- Victoria


June 2015


Yay! Summer Vacation! That means going on vacation and swimming, shopping etc. But, some girls (maybe boys ha-ha) have trouble finding the best swimsuit ! So, I have an idea ! Its time to craft ! What you will needs, Swim suit, needle and thread, beads, ribbon, scissors, and maybe patches of fabric. So you go out and buy a swimsuit you like but it needs more design, so go home and take a ribbon and tie a bow on both of the straps on your arms!!! Gorgeous!!! And if it needs some sparkles or something take a needle, thread, and beads take the need (with thread) and put some of your favorite beads on in a pattern, sow it onto the swimsuit, tie it off, and your done!! If it a plain swimsuit with no design, have some fun by sowing a pattern of patches(if your like me you will have fun ha-ha)! And your done! I hope you girls enjoy your new swimsuit(s) ! Toodles !! ;-D



May 2015


Hi Girls !!!
Finally - it is warm outside after Mother Nature decided to make it like winter weather again ! Since its warm, that means summer outfits !!! Shoes ???  FLIP FLOPS  !!! Yay !!! If you want to wear something very bling bling, you will need some flips flops for just a $1, some string (or yarn) and beads. You just have to keep looping the string (or yarn) and loop it around the straps of the flip flops adding beads in every now and then, tying it at the end. Another idea? You could take some pretty tape or plain whichever you want, and put tape on It ! A very sparkly bling one ? Take a glue stick (or bottle try and experiment with both !) Spread it all around
in any area of the flip flop (make sure it is a position you are able to let it dry in) and then sparkle glitter ALL OVER IT! Sppaarrkklleess !!! Then your done ! They are one of a kind now, designer flip flops only made by you ! Don't forget make one for your mom to - its the best Mothers Day Present - from your heart !!! I hope you will have good time - believe me, I do !!!
love - Victoria


April 2015


Finally! The weather is warm again! With this, we can wear shorts
or dresses! But prices are going up, along with the temperature,  haha! So what I do is... I go shopping and make my own clothes!  You can make your own shorts and shirts. 

Some old jeans or t-shirt and a pair of scissors can do a miracle. 

You can buy large baggy t-shirts and cut them into a crop top or cut the sleeves to make a tank top!  

And hair, can be easy as 1, 2,3! Take a nice ribbon, cut it and act like you are tying a shoe lace around your head! 

Hope you can create something wonderful !



March 2015


I want to show other girls, NOT to be afraid go to the mall and jump into the clearance! Some girls don't even know about all the great deals! Like me for instance, when I go to the mall, at my favorite stores, I used to spend lots of money! NO MORE! Finally, I started
going to the sales or clearance! I like to shop in Aeropostale, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Gymboree, but my favorite is Justice! They always have great deals and that 40 percent off in top of that! Its as simple as 1, 2, 3! 

Now that March is here... its time to THINK SPRING! I am SO happy about spring shopping! All I can talk about is, colors, colors and more beautiful spring COLORS! This makes me think about the blooming flowers, grass and birds! Its so pretty!

-Victoria Siverio



 I’ve always had a passion for writing ever since I could remember. I’ve always loved writing, everything from writing my own creative stories to writing essays for English class. I find it very intriguing that you get these ideas as you’re writing and you can pen them down as you go, it’s always been fun to me! 

June 2014- August 2014


August 2014


It’s officially August meaning its back to school time! Around this time of back to school, we often are overwhelmed by various things such as that back to school outfit that we are so excited to put together and show off! Whether we’re going into our first year of middle school or first day of high school, we all want to look great right? One of the most recent shopping tips I’ve found handy is to shop around and compare prices at different stores. This is helpful, because not only are you browsing through a variety of options but you are also budgeting and learning how to save money when it comes to shopping, which is a very useful skill to learn at a young age. Most importantly, I hope you all enjoy shopping for back to school and are all remembering to have fun and show off the best YOU! Happy shopping!
Xoxo, Julyza

July 2014 

  This might just be one of the most exciting seasons for shopping! Simply, because we are

still in the season of Summer, sunny and fun, but also transitioning to the season of Fall. When this happens, we will often see clothing, shoes and accessory sales in various stores, which is always fun! For instance, at this very moment there are great sales happening both online and in store at stores such as Forever 21, H&M, PacSun and many others! Just the other day, I was at the mall with a friend and I told her as soon as we began shopping that I intended on doing smart shopping. In other words, I wanted to be a “Savvy Shopper.” I first went into H&M and as soon as I entered, of course I saw SO many cute things, but I decided to be as smart as possible. I ended up trying on several items, but narrowing them down by choosing clothes that I not only thought were cute, but also comfortable and clothes that I would most likely get more wear out of; who wants to spend money on clothes that will only be worn once?

Not me! I ended up buying two dresses in which I really liked,

because I knew that I could not only be able to wear them more

them both either up or down simply by adding accessories!

Pictured are the two dresses that I purchased and I am very

satisfied and I have already come up different ways to dress

them! Happy shopping to you all!

Xo, Julyza

Leopard print dress from Basic by H&M, $ 17.95


June 2014


Whether we’d like to believe it or not, we all do a bit of shopping 

sometimes (some more often than others) and sometimes, we 
aren’t as smart as we could be and that is okay, because we can 
learn from these mishaps and shop smarter next time while still 
having a fun time in the store.

Tip #1: “Think before you pay”
·      One thing I’ve learned is that you should never rush and buy something, because ultimately it is truly a waste of well earned money whether it’s your parent’s money or not. Always think, before you make a purchase especially because not every store has the “return and get your money back” policy so choose wisely.

Tip #2: “A sale has never hurt anybody”
·      It doesn’t hurt to ever take a look at the sales section in any store that you go in. I know, I know they may look messy and unorganized, but honestly a sale can never be a bad thing so take your time and take a look at the sales section before you make a purchase!

Tip #3: “Be you”
·      Most importantly, be yourself always even when it comes to picking up something from the clothing rack and be sure to remember that it’s you who will be wearing what you’re buying and you should really enjoy wearing it! 

J    Julyza