Fashion Crisis

By Nataijah Parris                                                     (EARN 50 Points!)

Hey Fashionistas!

We have a new Fashion Challenge! Here's how it works... You can be creative and put fashionable pieces together to create awesome unique looks. This challenge helps you pull separate pieces together, along with some cool accessories to create AWESOME outfits that shows your unique fashionable style.

Each month, you will be challenged to create an outfit using the details that we post. Once you submit your project, we will post your outfit and you will be given 50 points.  Everyone that participates can accumulate points. Once you total 100 points, your name will be added to our monthly drawing. One winner will receive an item from our fashion treasure box to help build their wardrobe. (Yes, you can collect points from other pages you participate in as well)

Your project can be created in 2 easy ways. Here are the choices;

1. If you are an artistist, you can sketch an original outfit. You are welcome to use a model template and draw outfit. Add accessories to finish the look.
2. Maybe try using App to create fun and fast easy pieces to create an outfit. Make sure to get permission from parents to download app first. 

1. Sketch your design or use App
2. Use your phone to take a picture of your design or do a screen shot
3. Make sure to include your name and age
4. Submit your project by email to 
Please add a subject - Example: Subject: My Fashion Crisis Design

Let's get started!

May 2018

Crisis info:

Jessica is going to be honored at the Black Women in Business Conference and has worked so hard for a moment like this. She watched her mentors and other women she looked up to, receive the previous award. She had always aspired to one day be recognized for her work not only in the community, but in the world of black women in business. It would be an understatement to say she wanted look her absolute best!


It's the middle of May, so no need to worry about the weather. The event will be held indoors. For an event like this, she wants to work with darker and commanding colors. Hint: red, black, dark blue etc. 

I thought it was important to mention that this event will be broadcasted live on tv, so please bring your best foot forward on this one. She is counting on you to deliver a fierce and commanding piece. No pressure(wink)..Good luck !

April 2018

Crisis info:

Kayla is turning 16 and at the end of the week she is having a huge masquerade sweet16 birthday party. She has been so overwhelmed with the tiny details that she forgot to order a dress or go dress shopping. Kayla has been planning this day since she was 10 years old and not having an extravagant dress for her party, would be unacceptable.  

 Kayla lives in Louisiana. It"s spring time, so it"s warm outside. She loves a good lace print and wants a bold color. She wants her dress to be nicely fitted. Kayla has to have the best dress in the building and needs to stand out.

So now that you know a little bit about Kayla and an idea of who she is, the details of what she's looking for should help. My question to you my fabulous fashionista is... "Are you up to the task to help her solve her Fashion Crisis? If so design away!"

March 2018

Crisis info:
Nala is fresh out of college. She is diligent, confident and hardworking. She has always aspired to be a Lawyer and this friday she will be interviewed for a position at a big law firm. Opportunity is everything. She has dreamed of this ever since the age of 12. Nala worked hard for this moment for 5 solid years. To be picked for the interview is a privilege. Some may say she was 100 percent prepared, but she still doesn’t have any clue of what to wear. She is aware that how she presents herself is important because, making a good first impression is key to nailing an interview.
Nala is 25 she lives in New York.  She loves her prints and bright colors, but keep in mind that she needs to look professional. She likes her clothes fitted. It’s cold where she lives, so she does not want to wear any type of dress.

So, now that you have a bit of an idea of who she is and some details about what she's looking for, my question to you my fabulous fashionista is, "Are you up to the task to help her solve her Fashion Crisis? If so design away!"
February 2018

Crisis info:
Layana is an art student attending a prestigious college and she will be putting on her very first art show next week. She is an overachiever and loves to be prepared but when it comes to finding the right outfit, she is very indecisive and it makes her extremely anxious. She wants to wear jeans and a shirt, but her professor won't allow casual wear. She needs your help.

Layana is very artistically inclined. She loves solid colors and clothes that make a statement. She doesn't mind loose fitted clothing, but again her professor is disapproving of casual. She is looking for a professional and classy look. This will be challenging, but I believe in you. This is the part where I ask you, "Can you solve this fashion crisis?"

January 2018

Crisis info:
 Sara is going to her cousins wedding this Friday, and has no idea what to wear, her idea of a nice outfit is a crop top, jeans, and sneakers, which I am not totally opposed to, but I don't necessarily think this is the right outfit for the occasion she wants to make a statement, I mean she is going to see majority of her family and is tired of being the runt, I know this is going to be a challenge, luckily she has you...right?


 Sara is 23 she has to be elegant and dressed to the nines or she is going to hear it from her mom, oh and NO WHITE thats a wedding guest no no. Its spring so nice cool weather, not to hot not to cold just right! So the length of the dress is up to you, but she does like her clothes to be to on the more fitted side and she lives for darker tones.

So now that you have a pretty good idea of what she's looking for and some details about what she looking for my question to you my fabulous fashionista is are you up to the task to help her solve this fashion crisis?

December 2018

Crisis info:

This is Daijah and she has a Banquet to attend.....TODAY! I know what you're thinking... just great. She thinks to do this last minute! Yup, she's a major procrastinator. Anyway, she has no clue what to wear but, luckily she has you 
to help her get ready before she has to head out the door....right?


Daijah is 17. Keep in mind she is attending a banquet. She is going for a classy and sophisticated look. It's about 40 degrees outside and in her book that's practically Alaska weather. She likes light colors, maybe fall colors. She wants to make an elegant statement. No neon and not that bold! Keep in mind Daijah likes her clothes nicely fitted.

So, now that you have a bit of an idea of who she is and some details about what she's looking for, my question to you my fabulous fashionistas, are you up to the task to help her solve her Fashion Crisis? If so design away!

Nataijah Parris- Age 15

Deysha Nelson - age 10

Lavette Jones- Age 13