Rockin' The Runway

April 2020

What It´s Like When I Rock the Runway!¨ 

I have been modeling since I was 5 years old, and each time that I get ready to walk the runway I get so excited!  When I´m backstage getting ready to rock the runway, I practice my poses for the end of the runway in my head.  I feel like I´m walking the red carpet everytime I grace the runway, I´ve been doing this for 4 years now.  Right before I get on the runway, I like to rock to the beat of the music and I watch the model who is ahead of me.  I also like to peek and see how the crowd is enjoying the show too.  If my hair is frizzy or messed up before it´s my turn, the glam team back stage makes sure to fix it before I hit the runway.

Photo by Trai Forrester
Designer:Suede Square Kids

I feel so confident when I finally get to walk on the runway stage, I feel like the best model ever!  I have no competition with other models, because I always work to become the best model that I can be.  I love to wear the different designs made by the designers, I love to dress up, but street wear is my favorite category.  I always feel good when I walk the runway and I want others to feel good too.  So when I walk down the runway I like to express myself and share my good energy with the audience so that they can feel good too.

Photo by Trai Forrester,
Designer:Bernie B. Creations
Once the runway show is complete, I know that I will miss the excitement of strutting on the stage, but I am also happy!  I don´t feel sad, I know most of the models that I share the stage with I will see again because I know them.  The rest of the models, I will see them again in the future at another runway production.  Sometimes after a runway show I get free items from the designers or producers such as glow in the dark items, clothing, or food.  Once the show is complete I go home and relax or I go out with my family.  

Being apart of a fashion show is a lot of hard work, you have to be at rehearsals on time, be there ahead of time on the day of the show, and pay attention when it´s your turn to walk the runway!  It is always a good time and I love being apart of fashion productions!

by Judea Todd                         
fb/ig @judeasworld

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