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My name is Alexa Adkins and I love anything Fashion, from Clothes 
to Shoes to Accessories.  I have a passion for Fashion and I even 
started my own Blog called “Alexified”  I would love to be able to gain 
experience and Blog for the Designer Girls Magazine.



Nov 2016


October 2016



I chose to write for the Designer Girls Online Magazine 
because I love fashion and accessorizing 
is important for any outfit.

 Aliyah Royale

November 2015


Hey Lovelies, it's November and it's time for November Favorites! These are the things I cherish 
most about November and could not live without...

I have been waiting for November because, in my opinion, that's when Ugg Season starts -uhm 
yes it's a thing. I have the black Bailey Bow Uggs and I plan on getting like 8 more pairs in 
different colors. The Bailey Bow is my favorite of the styles and super cute with any fall/winter 
outfit. I typically wear them with leggings for the most part if it's a lazy day but I'm still trying to 
look fashionable.

Soo I know there's a lot of controversy over the Starbucks Red Cup - which is really stupid honestly, 
I mean I'm Christian and I'm not tripping. I still ADORE the Chestnut Praline latte with all my heart. 
Like I need one before I go to school or else my day is just bad.

So like literally, without these sales, I'd be nothing. I honestly refuse to leave my house for Black 
Friday for the fear of being trampled and killed by mobs of people but I loooove to go online and 
swipe swipe swipe. I will shop till I drop with all the amazing sales that my favorite sites have 
anywhere from clothing to phone accessories to books to more clothing.

Aweeeee I love grabbing a huge blanket and cuddling up to my pillow on November nights in 
my fuzzy socks and pajamas with my iPad for some quality Netflix time. This is when I binge 
watch and binge watch until my mom comes in my room and complains about how this effects 
my eyesight. I can literally watch a whole season in one sitting depending on the show.

No Shave November is not a thing for girls.. fyi. Needed to be said..
There's so much more that I love about November but these had to be my top choices. I'll see 
you guys next month, love ya :)




Hey Babies!

"A Sense of Style" with your favorite ;) is back and I want to talk to you about my B2S list. I want to help you guys 
compose the best list possible to ensure that you get exactly what you desire. Just remember, school is just school. 
As important as it is to be cute, it's also critical to be comfortable and not worry too much about impressing other 
people that won't even matter in a few years. So when creating your list, be modest. Your parents would love to 
give you the world so know that they are working hard to make you happy.

To persuade my parents to purchase what was on my list, I was VERY thorough in explaining exactly what I needed. 

In some cases, I even provided store names and exact prices for easy comprehension. And if either of my parents
had questions, I made sure they knew they could ask me anything. Remember, you're basically asking them for a 
huge favor. They deserve the respect.

In my B2S list, I mention the need for mainly shoes because I get clothes like every weekend (a shirt or 2 here and 

there). I also asked for things I needed just to replace old clothing items. I also give my parents a price at the top 
of my list (that includes wiggle room) to show that I've calculated everything they need to know. When you're this 
serious about what you need, your parents can't help but admire the time and effort you put into creating your list.

Below is a sample of my list with a couple pictures of things I described. Feel free to improvise your own.

things I need for school $400


Okay so first of all, I want this Michael Kors backpack but I usually like to carry hand bags instead of backpacks 

(liked I did the 2nd half of last year) but I really liked the Steve Madden backpack I had so here's our options for 

$178 at Macy's
A MK handbag..

I have a binder with separators and loose leaf paper (and 5 loose leaf paper refills so I'm good on that). So I need:

- 4 notebooks (college ruled ALWAYS** in different colors)
- pencil case
- sanitizer, mini lotion, mini perfume, mini tissues


- white converse $50
- all black roshes ($75)
- all grey roshes ($75)
- 3 tops (Q/Qrew) $20 all together
- fake nose stud $5
- bras $20
- thick headbands

Later on in the year (mid Sept) I will need to get this stuff to prepare for any cold weather
- 2 long dresses ( grey/ pattern)
- 2 sweaters ( black and brown )
- 3 long sleeves
- black and brown boots (Payless
- 2 joggers (Forever 21) $20 each

And at some point BEFORE Christmas, as in like October, I'll need these brown bow Ugg

boots, my black ones are still fine:

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. Love you guys. I look forward 

to working with you on this adventure. And I would really appreciate if you work 
with me on keeping me away from my electronics and helping me end my lazy 
habits because I want to do exceptionally well this year. I love you guys.

If there's anything on my Back to
School list that you don't agree with, just let me know and I'll change it. I believe 

I was very thorough  :)

xoxo- AR


July 2015

Hey My Lovelies!

"A Sense of Style" with AR is gonna go off the books this month. I want to talk about shopping! 

Shopping for yourself should be an event of excitement. You will go to numerous stores, try on a 
bunch of outfits that you aren't even going to buy, and spend waaaaay too much time doing this, 
but shopping should be the time that you explore new styles 
and embrace other fashion choices.

HAVE A FRESH LOOK: retail stores are awfully good at putting out new collections for show 

determined by the season or latest fad. Not every clothing item will be your style and that's 
perfectly fine. However, if you see an item that forces you to take a 2nd look, it could be worth 
trying on and taking home. Remember, you don't shop to buy the same old clothes (unless it's 
basic necessities). You shop for NEW clothes so walk in the mall with a NEW attitude.

DON'T LET THE PRICE SCARE YA: yes, that top costs absolutely way more than it should but 

guess what, you look skinnier than ever and you're gonna buy it because it makes you look good 
which makes a lady feel good. If you find clothes that are of top notch fabric and could be worn 
with a variety of interchanging outfits and accessories, it is OKAY to purchase it. Clothes are like 
an investment: put in the money, and reap the rewards of looking good.

SHOP FOR YOU: shopping with the girls is my favorite thing to do. They give great advice and 

they all have different perspectives to help me see how I look in another individual's eye. At the 
same time, I know what fits me best for my shape and my size. Only you know each and every 
bit of body you have so shop accordingly. For example: I loooooove shopping for sunglasses. 
I think they're the perfect accessory and there's a world of them to choose from to show off my 
personality. Some sunglasses fit my face better than others; still, my friends will say that they all 
look good on me in terms of size because they aren't wearing the sunglasses. I never want to get 
caught wearing something too big for my face just like I wouldn't wear clothes too big for my body.

It's the month of Independence! Don't go overboard with the red, white, and blue. If you want to 

incorporate all 3 colors into an outfit without just buying flag-printed tops or shorts, a red spaghetti 
strap tank with your favorite blue jeans and white sandals or Converse will do the trick. & 

K I love you bye. Kiss Kiss. XOXO - AR


June 2015


Hey Babes!! Summer has officially started and its time to travel, hang with friends, and go 
crazy. As well as look your best doing it. Probably the most popular thing to do during the 
summer would be going to the beach or swimming at the pool. So let's talk bathing suits!

2 piece, 1 piece, it doesn't matter. The bathing suit you wear should fit you well around the 

bust, hips, and waist though. Nothing should pop out or be too easy to spot. Unless you're 
like me and don't believe in clothes during the summer ;) 

Be colorful with your bathing suits! So many stores put out a variety of patterns for a reason. 

Those patterns give off character and show off your personality. Bathing suits altogether are 
a reflection of your personality in how revealing, conservative, short, long, vibrant, or bleak 
they are.


some jewelry may turn in the water and you don't want to wear large gold hoops if you're actually swimming (in 
one pic you will see this because I usually go swimming and to the beach to take pictures ;)).  Still, if you want a 
completed outfit, even with a bathing suit, you need the accessories to go with it.

I was recently asked about the whole matching clothing items situation due to a previous blog entry. YOU CAN 

 just don't want to overdo it. Bathing suits specifically do not have to match. Bathing suits are perfect for mixing 
patterns up and creating a brand new look that reflects your edgy and creative mind.

Kk till next month! ily and you're cute ;) byebye.

xoxo-  AR


May 2015

Hey Babayyy!

Welcome back to "A Sense of Style" with your absolute fave, AR.

It's May!! The beginning of SUPER SUNNY 
times here in CA. Which means bathing suits and 
ICE CREEAAAAM and school is almost out 
(THANK THA LORD) and more Six Flags and Universal 
Studios - or whatever you have on the east coast in 
terms of theme parks and of course camping-- JK I hate 
bugs. But do you if that's ya thang :)

I like to show off some of da skin starting at this time 
of year so one of the outfits you will see is my all black 
w/ white converse LA outfit. This outfit is my "I say I've 
got street cred but I don’t" outfit so judge me. The "Los 
Angeles" black top is mesh and I have a black tank top 
under it to go with my black stretchy leather capris. I 
wore my silver pearly bow necklace with this outfit to 
accessorize with the silver on my top. The second outfit 
is for the "I'm cute and I'm showing it" days where you 
just wanna be girly and chic. I wore my pink crop top 
with mesh around the neck (I'm a mesh/fishnet kinda girl) 
and this beautiful long black skirt with slits on both sides. 
I topped the outfit off with gold hand jewelry, a very 
colorful gold necklace and my favorite black sandals 
that look like I should be in Hawaii. 
Also #straighthairdontcare ;) I hope these outfits give 

you info on what to wear this beautiful month! Stay 

I wanna go back to a time when I couldn't find anything 
I liked in stores. Clothes were either too kiddy or too 
adult- among other reasons, and I decided to create 
my own designs (hence the reason I'm a designer now). 
I recommend designing and creating your own clothes 
to every person. Your creations are the truest ounce of 
your individual style. Nothing beats being original in your 
own unique way.

Stay cool and let the boys drool,

xoxo AR

omg you're cute **


April 2015


Hey Lovelies!

Welcome back to "A Sense of Style" and Happy Easter (I know I'm late; just stick with me) to all my God-lovin 

brothers and sisters. For the month of April, my birthday month, I have decided to talk about my favorite looks 
and trends at the moment.

1: I absolutely adore flannels. Flannels keep me warm on my arms and keep my butt covered around my waist. 
There's one in every color and whether you're a guy or gal doesn't matter. I wear male flannels more often than 
female flannels. Aka the one pictured below.

2: I'm all for the high-waisted anything. Or anything that has "high" in it. High-waisted shorts/

pants, thigh-highs/knee-highs, the whole 9 yards. They keep ya belly looking right even when
on the d-low, you know you've been making too many stops at In-N-Out.

3: IF YOU CAN WEAR YOUR CONVERSE THEN WEAR THEM. Like, every teenage female in 

California has white, for the most part, high-top Converse and they go with literally anything. You 
just gotta keep cleaning them honestly. They're an accessory, and don't ever say they're just a 
pair of shoes :)))

4: (You know my birthday was 4/4): My favorite kind of look of all time is a look that isn't censored 

or created 
by someone other than me. I know some schools have dress codes and you can't break dress code unless you want 
to change and for multiple detentions to follow. I also know numerous people who would love to "express their opinion" 
on other people's outfits when it has nothing to do with them, especially when they speak negatively about said outfit. 
If you wanna wear something, then wear it. You know what you like and you know what your style is and you should 
never be afraid to speak your mind through your clothes. In the end, you're the one wearing them, so dismiss what 
other people have to say.

Please, please, please watch out for clothing that appear the same color when they really aren't. Example: you 

wanna wear black pants with a black shirt but the black pants are now sort of like a faded-black/navy blue. DO NOT 
COLOR SCHEME. If you're going for black pants or any color clothing, don't settle for the faded or unclear match to 
the color. It ruins the outfit and you're too cute to wear a ruined outfit.

Ily and you're awesome. Xoxo


March 2015


Hey Lovelies!

AR here with "A Sense of Style!" Spring is here and the time for florals, peaches, whites, and bright colors all around 
are in style! Now I live in a state where in the spring, its 90 degrees. I will soon be visiting a place for a while where I 
know that in the spring, it is 30 degrees. Being the fashionista I am, I must always find a way to accommodate my 
clothing with my environment; a skill that everyone possesses.  Below are looks you will find for either weather 
situation. For the spring that feels like the summer, look at the #TIPFORNOW. For the spring that feels like the winter:
  5. You know what, I'm really feeling moccasins so….GET YOU SOME MOCCASINS GIRLY!!!
  8. A rebellious beanie or sweet-looking hat will add flames to your outfit.

*CAPS mean I'm serious, not yelling. I love you too much to yell at you.*

I am consistently asked about this topic, therefore I shall address it once more... *LADIES* be *MODEST* with your 
outfits. Cleavage= no midriff / a little leg to none
Midriff= put away the girls/ a little leg to none
Leg= a little cleavage OR slight midriff

*** so like tbh, the amount of cleavage, midriff, and leg you show ranges from 
classy to sassy to trashy depending on the style of clothing you wear. Above is 
just a guideline, for my modest gals.

KK Bye, Love You, Smooches.  Keep your colors light and sweet, XOXO



February 2015


"A Sense of Style" with Me, Your Favorite, Aliyah Royale is here once again and February is beyond 
difficult for me and my closet right now. If you are Cali based, you understand that the weather in 
February is way too bipolar. It's 88 degrees for a whole week... And then it rains!!  So below, I am 
showing you two different outfits to use this February if your state is like mine. The one thing both 
outfits have i(n common is my causal-but-cute jean jacket. EVERY GIRL NEEDS A JEAN JACKET 
can be paired with practically anything if you want to add flavor to an outfit, as well as make it a little 
more casual. Below you will see how I used it. February is still Winter (in California too) so it's totally 
fine to continue with dark colors like black or a dark shade of red. Just be aware that Spring is around 
the corner and your nudes and florals will be in style.**

TEXTURE OR STYLE* if you wear all black clothing , wear some red shoes. Don't wear all black and 
walk around with no accessories to add variation to your ensemble. You're an artist, and what you 
wear needs detail because your clothes are your masterpiece.

-xoxo - AR


January 2015

Hey my lovelies. It's a new year for "A Sense of Style".  I hope 2k15 is absolutely a year full of blessings for you.

Since it is January, you should be exploring new ideas and styles for clothing. Leave the old baggage behind (I'm not just talking about the guy from 

summer of 2k14).  To start off the year, do a little sweep. Go through your closet, and really decide which clothes are worth bringing into the new year, 
and which deserve to be left in the past of "last season." Kiss your past goodbye and donate whatever is unnecessary. 

Then... *you know what's next*... GO SHOPPINGGGGGGGGG. What better way to start off the year than 
SHOPPING? Try out a new style and look for clothes that you normally would stray away from. There's no 
need to follow trends or go by the status quo. Nothing *slutty* or too *revealing*. Real gals are classy and 
always keep their peers guessing about what's underneath. ;)

It is an amazing thing to be able to recreate clothing out of your old clothes. If you're not the shopping 

type and/or you prefer a DIY, it is a great idea to take your old no-no's, and turn them into new yes-yes's. 
Clothes need makeovers occasionally, too.

I said be classy, not boring. Don't ever confuse the two. Accessorize and flip your hair.

-xoxo AR


December 2014



November 2014

Hey Lovelies! Welcome to "A Sense of Style," with your favorite where I discuss what's in, what's out, 
and what fashion is all about! K! So it's November and Cali is feeling bi-polar because yesterday it was 
windy and 70 degrees and today it is sunny and 90 degrees. ... soooooo , below you will find two snaps 
of me in two kinds of outfits. In the first outfit, I model a "#selfieholic" long sleeved top from Charlotte 
Russe, also courtesy of my ripped jeans with a black, braided belt, and a pair of black boots. (Those 
are found everywhere). This look is for those windy days. And if you live in a cold/snow state, it’s ok to
 throw on that big and fluffy coat. Silver and diamonds are great to accessorize this look.

The second outfit is my lovely shirt-dress (size XL so it will fit big) and my black boots once again! I 
would try either gold or silver accessories with this look. I wore both of these looks at school and I 
received many compliments. This sweater-shirt-dress-thing is everyone's fave. 

I love you all and BTW, THANK YOU for the support with "Project Runway: Threads"! You are the best! 
Stay beautiful! Eat pizza! and finally....Stay away from boys because they have cooties ;-).  



October 2014





September 2014


September is here my lovelies! Welcome to "A Sense of Style" where I talk about what's in, what's out, and what fashion is all about! California doesn't necessarily have a real Fall season, but of course, other states and countries do. Fall in California is basically the weather dropping 10 degrees and raining once in a while. Sooooo ... my Fall attire consists of sweatpants (my fave), a crop top, and matching Keds. I wear this if I'm just hanging out with friends / going to school / or doing something not that major. Although you can't see them, I promise that I am wearing gold plate like studs and peep dat rose gold watch doeeeee (you gotta get one; it’s the latest in fashion accessories).   The next outfit you will see me wearing is for business / or serious events. My next look is a simple long-sleeved crop top with a black pocket paired with a black belt to fit black jeans and black stiletto pumps; sorry for all the black but it goes with everything.   My crème-brown feathered earrings add an essential effect to make the basic outfit look more fashionable. Again ... peep mah rose gold watch doeeeee; go get one today.  Thass all I have for you this month. Respect 9/11 and eat your carrots. Muah XOXO


August 2014


Hey peoples! Its Aliyah Royale here with "A Sense of Style" where we 

talk about what's in, what's out, and what fashion is all about! It’s 
August and if you are starting school again like me, you're gonna 
need some ideas for "Back-to-School" shopping. Trust me; you 
DO NOT want to overdo it when it comes to school fashion. At school, 
simple is better. Plus, it's hard to rush to your classes in 5-inch 
Christian Lou Lou’s. LOL! Sadly, most schools have dress codes. 
My high school doesn't but others might so be cautious of what you 
wear. Detention is not fun when you want to hang out with friends 
during your lunch period. Other times it can be funny ;). In the picture 
below, you'll see me wearing cute jean shorts with a crème and white 
striped, long-sleeve sweater made for me by my mentor, Nicole Butler. 
It’s very thin so don't worry about wearing it on warm days. I put my
 favorite camouflage tennis shoes from Forever 21 with the look and 
added a gorgeous gold/rose-gold necklace with chained jewels and 
golden, patterned studs to add glamour to the simplicity of the outfit. 
Peep my headshot and brother/sister in the background CX. Welllllllllll 
that's my time! Accessorize and smize fashionistas! Till next time. 


July 2014


Good day fabulous people! Welcome to "A Sense of Style” with me, 
Aliyah Royale, where we talk about what's in, what's out, and what 
fashion is all about. Independence Day is this month, #AmericaRocks. 

It's time to show America that you're proud. RedWhite, and Blue 
should definitely be included in your outfits for this month, but make 
sure not to overdo it. If you wear a fitted red dress and a blue jean vest 
over it, wear white/gold accessories or shoes.  A nice outfit for the 
beach bonfire would be blue jeans, a white tank top, blue jean jacket, 
red glasses and silver accessories. This will give you a look that is 
not only patriotic, but extremely cute. Mix and match these items 
how you please Loves. Don't leave home without your lip gloss and 
your phone cause hey, Instagram is life. Til next time. XOXOXO - AR


June 2014

Hey peoples! This is a blog I've been dying to talk about!
Welcome to "A Sense of Style" with me, Aliyah Royale, where I talk 

about what's in, what's out, and what fashion is all about! 
all you really need to have successful fashion in June is a cute 
bathing suit and some shorts. Haha but seriously, June is hot, 
the start of summer fun, and one of the best times of the year. 
Hot colors and black always makes you look thinner my loves. 
Try shorts with tribal patterns, maybe a few paint splattered tank 
tops, and make sure you have maxi dresses in every color and 
pattern.  It's never too hot to be so cute. Don't forget some bangles 
and necklaces that dangle! See ya in July!


May 2014

Hey There! It's Aliyah Royale with "A Sense of Style" where we talk about what's in, what's out, and what fashion is all about! For some reason I see florals when I think of May. May is your last month to really flash your Spring style.  After that, the next few months are all about Summer. Try to explore dresses a little more when you are shopping. Bright patterns and all florals are your best bet to end Spring with a glam finish. Instead of just plain gold or silver, add pops of color from your dresses and skirts to necklaces and bracelets to add color to your skin.  Nude flats or heel shoe boots are great to emphasize the accessories. Be floral everyone and use this month to really end Spring with a Bang! Chat with you next month. Here comes Summer!!!!!


April 2014

Welcome to "A Sense of Style" with me, Aliyah Royale, where I talk about what's in, what's
out, and what fashion is all about. What's In? Bright Spring colors!  What's Out? Dark, gory colors!  Try a turquoise or peach colored dress with a thin brown belt for church or pair a yellow maxi dress with gold shiny necklaces and rings.  Another look would be silver bracelets matched with vibrant tops and white capris which would be great for a day out. You want your outfits this month to look happier than usual. It's all about light, easy, and VIBRANT colors. See ya next month. Now go paint some Easter eggs with your Sense of Style!  XOXOXO


February 2014


Ahhh... It's the month of love! Welcome to "A Sense of Style" where we talk about what's in, and what fashion's all about! This is all about reds and pinks. Break out that spicy and sweet red top with those dark jeans to add mystery. This outfit has to say "hey I'm cute. Hey you're cute. Let’s be cute together."  So don't be boring with it! If you have a Valentine, whether it's a school crush or your best friend,

you gotta look like a sweetheart! Dark colored jeans with a vibrant top will definitely add that mystery to your innocence. Match this outfit with a black shoe boot or your cutest pair of black studded boots. Say you want to be cute because you're looking for that Valentine ... try a Valentine's Day dress.  Yes, it has to be red or pink.  Trust me; it must be a show stopper. For mah teens, match this dress with a low heel or shoe boot. You can go any color with the shoe.  Just make sure it matches your accessories. And for mah youngins, I suggest wearing black leggings and your sparkliest tennis shoe or boot. (For any and every age) try some gold / silver accessories and a simple necklace that certainly captures the eye. You want to be subtle but still a show stopper. There are other outfits that you can match with and they are below.  Just remember, Valentine's Day is your day to wear your red and pink.
Here are some outfits that are old enough for mah teens and young enough for the youngins. Boots vs. heels! These images can also be seen on We Heart It! We Heart It is my favorite fashion app. You will see a lot of my pictures also come from there. Check it out for ideas.

Catcha lataaa! 

Hope you had a Valentine’s Day with a Sense of Style!


Happy New Yearrr!!! Aliyah Royale here with "A Sense of Style" where we talk about

what's in, what's out, and what fashion's all about. It's January and most of us are going back to school and it's time to be cute with the new attire and accessories we received during the Holidays.  It's cold in most places but warm in others and in many regions, the weather flip flops or is in between. The best way to cope with this weather is to match it. Hot and cold weather that leans closer to warm side translates to a warm-and-stylish long sleeved sweater and a short-but-classy skirt with fab heels. If you live in a more cold area, I'd go with a fun printed and cropped sweater/sweatshirt, colored jeans, and a shoe boot. Examples of

these outfits are shown below. (Note: Pictures are from social media sites.)  Add your own accessories and flavor to sync your personal with your style. You can always reverse patterns and solids. Til next month....Stay beautiful!


BE CUTE & COMFORTABLE! (December 2013)

Ayye ladies! Welcome back to "A Sense of Style" where we talk about what's in, what's out, and what fashion is all about! It's the Holiday season and it's time for cute knit scarves and lattes.  This month, I encourage all of you to try something more comfortable. Stay true to yourself. Be glamorous with your fur/faux coats but be sure to try a different style of hair; like putting it into a messy bun because that style is never not cute, or down in a waved curl for glamour. 

Put on those Uggs and warm printed leggings and add a sweater of your choice (can be simple, or complex). Just keep in mind that if you're leggings are simple, your outfit would look better with a busy sweater to contrast the leggings, and the other way around. Usually I say be comfortable but cute. This month, be cute, but comfortable. 

See ya in the New Year!

"SWEATER WEATHER" (November 2014)

Welcome to "A Sense of Style" where we talk about what's in, what's out, and what fashion's all about! November is the official month of "sweater weather" and my job is to show you how you can be warm and comfortable, but cute and chic at the same time. 

My model friend, Nelitza wore this gorg outfit to school that I thought I'd use. She wore a cute tan, knit long-sleeved sweater with a tan tank top underneath. She matched the top with blue jeans and casual-but-classy black fur boots. This outfit can be worn at school, or chillin with friends. It's simple and chic, yet comfortable and warm. 

See ya next monthhhhh ! Stay beautiful.

- Aliyah Royale

Costume Style (October 2013)

ayeeee ! Aliyah Royale here with "A Sense of Style" where we talk about what's in , what's out , and what fashion's all about ! ight so y'all know it's Halloween time and I'm ready to have some fun with my costume . I am a wild child so I personally like to either make my costume or experiment with combining regular clothing with a bit of a costume layout . here's what I mean ... you all know of YouTube , so you can search "Love More" by Chris Brown . in the video , the main dancers are dressed as football players in a very casual every day outfit . this is the look that I want to match . a cute football jersey crop top , black shorts , striped thigh-highs (whatever color the jersey is) and some nice Jordan's to match . *me and all my Jordan's are in a very loving relationship* . you can add Eye Black and maybe wear your hair in to braids to the side . point is , it's Halloween , be fun and be wild ! be creative with your costume and don't be afraid to challenge the rules a bit especially if you plan on wearing your costume to school .

 xoxo - Aliyah Royale


Labor Day Style (September 2013)

Waaaaduuuuup Fashionistas!! Aliyah Royale here with "A Sense of Style”, where we talk about what's in, what's out, and what fashion's all about. Today I would like to talk about Labor Day fashion!!! If you don't know what Labor Day stands for it "celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers." And it's the last holiday of the summer. 

So many people like to throw parties for Labor Day and if your family is like my family, that means a BBQ Party. So you wanna wear something cute with white of course since it’s the last “Official Day” to wear white. Something laid back… No labor intended! I chose to wear white jeans, some gold crystal heels and a white tank top. When it comes to Labor Day, its work free. But you can still make Labor Day attire cute. If the outfit is not glam enough, add some bling like yours truly. I added my gold twisty belt, draped necklace, blinged out white watch and mitch-match earrings which are a hit; perfect for tying up any outfit!! Stay cute!!! xoxo

Accessorize it! (August 2013)

Heyyyyyyy people! Welcome back to my blog
where we talk about what's in, what's out, and
what fashion's all about! Now, this is a
SPECIAL segment. School starts in a few days
for a lot of us! And I wanted to give some tips.
First, pleaseeeeeee just be you!!!! I see a lot of
girls trying to wear these high heels or brand
new everything trying to impress the people t
hat they've been in school with for like forever.
Just be you, do you girl! Second, if you're like
me, you dress like a star every day in school.

So the first day is just another day to be "ALL THAT”. You just need that extra accessory or those hot pink boots to add that special flare. My "BAD" necklace is with me all the time! What can I say, "Diamonds are a girl’s best friend" ... Third, you can rock the halls with any outfit. If you got on a new skirt, you better swing it like there's no tomorrow.

What was that? You're wearing some plain ole
sweatpants because you haven't washed yet?
You better put your best accessories and shoes
with that and you better rock it! Lol, I know
that you guys are on top of your game, so I
have complete faith that you will make
this your best year yet when it comes to fashion.
And remember, when you look better, you feel
better. When you look good, and you KNOW
you look good, you're confident. Don't forget
that. See ya next time! xoxo


The Wow! Factor (July 2013)
Hey Fashion Friends! Welcome back to my blog where we talk 
about what's in, what's out, and what fashion is all about! So I 
know I said that I'd talk about party attire this month, but I recently 
went to an award show, the Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) 
Awards, to work as a Red Carpet Correspondent for FTS News 
and I believe that the talk of Red Carpet Couture is up for 
discussion! Now, when it comes to the red carpet, you don't have 
to wear a slimming gown. 

That's your time to wear something out going and show-stopping; 
something that will make everyone look at you and be stunned. 
You want that wow factor. 

For the awards, there were amazing, creative gowns worn.  I wore a high-low, pink tutu (short in the front, long in the back). And I must say, when people found out that I made it, they were speechless! They were amazed with my creativity and the fact I am a multi-faceted talent and that gave me the wow factor! The rose pattern on the blouse and the big bow made it classy and cute.  But when I added that pop of blue tool in the tutu, my Red Carpet Couture was unstoppable. Never underestimate yourself when it comes to fashion. Because YOU are that one accessory that gives that wow factor . See ya next time!

What's In...What's Out! (June 2013)

Hey Fashionistas! Welcome to my new blog where I talk bout what's in, what's out, and what it's all about! I am a very fashion forward person, but at the same time , I like to create my own trends. Lets start with school wardrobe. At my school, we have to wear three-finger width straps on shirts, no skirt or shorts more than 1 inch above the knee, and no leggings or jeggings of any kind. I guess becuz it shows off too much curve. Oh and and no flip flops or sandals with out a heel strap. Crazy rules right?? I'm just happy we don't have uniforms. You can always take an outfit out of dress code and make it glamorous and chic. 

In my pic, I have on a short/long strapless dress. This is totally out of dress code. So I paired it with a jean jacket. Lets say u are wearing an in-style short and long skirt (red) and a tank top (black), all u have to do is add a little spunk with a black leather jacket, and you'll be rockin those hallways. Just don't be afraid to try new things. See ya next time where we talk about what to wear when going to parties. Muahhhh

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  1. Way to go. Love the article. I believe that style is very important especially for the young girl. I hope that others are inspired.