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Always dress for success!


February 2018

It takes courage to believe in yourself-
to master a skill, push the limits, and
put yourself out into the world. Be
Brave and courageous. The world is
your oyster. There's a champion in
each one of us. Awaken the champion
inside of you.

By Amirah Noor


January 2017


Kayla Rachal
I’m pursuing my dreams of becoming a fashion designer, model and actress. However I know throughout my mission of pursuing my dreams it’s important to build a positive image along the way.

 I like to blog about “Building Image” because it helped me really learn the value of myself.

June 2013-August 2015

August 2015


Hello, its me again, Kayla! I’m here to talk about…(drum roll)…. Building Image! Yeah, you guessed it. School is starting again, sadly, haha just kidding. It’s my senior year, and I can’t wait to see my friends again. I will also be building my image along the way to graduation and into my adult hood. I will make sure I leave high school with an amazing reputation. Everyone shall know that I have a future set for myself and I did it by building my image through high school. I think that’s the best place to start, you can start early too, but try to get it during high school. That is where you will need to find your path and build an image for yourself. Building an image is basically a guideline for the future. It tells you what you want to become, even if you’re not sure, or at least help you start an idea. It just there to help you not walk into becoming an adult without knowing anything you want for yourself. Well, that’s all for today! Have a great day and I loves y’all


July 2015

Hello, sorry I haven’t been around in a while, but I’m back! I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July! Okay, lets get down to business… Building Image. How are you representing yourself? Have you been building up to the image you want? I want to talk about something real quick, I’ve seen this all over twitter and vine, the #dontjudgechallenge. This falls under the category of building image. If you haven’t seen the videos or don’t know what I am talking about, I’ll explain. Basically its people disguising there faces with pimples, unibrows, and other things that is suppose to be unattractive to one’s face. Then they apply some type of moisturizer to their face and miraculously become beautiful by putting on make-up. Please, DO NOT EVER THINK YOU HAVE TO BE BEAUTIFUL BY PUTTING ON MAKE-UP AND LOOK LIKE A MODEL. This is false advertisement to true inner-beauty and building image. If you think having a model face will improve your image, that’s wrong. Make up isn’t a must to be noticed and “beautiful” in the world. I don’t wear any make up, unless it’s an occasion, and I walk with confidence, representing myself well out in the world. True beauty not only comes from looks, but character and confidence. I know I don’t have clear skin or fleek eyebrows lol, but I still walk around like I do because I would rather show my flaws then hide behind a disguise. And that’s what building image is all about, being you and showing others that you can be successful and happy through your own skin. Never forget, beauty is more attractive when its exposed and not hidden behind lies and false expectation of the world’s “beauty”.


May 2015


Hey, It’s your favorite person in the entire world, aka Kayla, which am I. I just want to state that this month is my birthday month, Happy Birthday to Me! Lol, by the way, my birthday is May 9th to be more specific. Anyways, I wanted to say that along with building your image, many take the journey to find themselves, in order to start building their image. For those who do not really know me, I tend to be shy at first, and I am usually known as anti-social. But, the day of my birthday, I had stepped out of my comfort zone. I actually went out and met new people, new friends, and it was great. That’s another way to build image. Step out of the comfort zone and just meet people; Express your personality and show people who you really are, even if you are still figuring it out yourself. So that’s all for today, I hope you had a great day!


April 2015


Hey, it’s Kayla back again! Sorry, I missed March blog, but I’m here this month. Speaking of this month, it’s the month, April, of fools. How many people have you gotten, or shall I say how many people have gotten you? Having a sense of humor is a comical feature of your character. Who doesn’t like someone funny? I have never met anyone that doesn’t like funny people, that’s what makes them who they are. I’m not saying that if you’re not naturally funny, that no one is going to like you, no that is not what I am saying. I am just saying, don’t take life too seriously, and have some fun. It’s okay to laugh and joke around. I mean, I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. I especially love doing pranks on April Fools, even after that. I tell them, “ As long it’s the month April, I will get you when ever I want.”

So I am going to leave you with that, and say, “Have a beautiful day.”
Like my school announcement says, “ Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours…”


February 2015

Building Image

I’m back, its Kayla, ready to help you with building image. When building your image, I want you to think about how you are identified. Your image isn’t about your ethnicity or based upon your looks. You can’t go up to someone and say, “ Hey, you know Kayla, right? The pretty African and Native American girl?” People are not going to know who you are based off of that because there are million of other people like that.

Who are you, what makes you, you? Some tips on how to know who you are and build your image is to first start with your attitude and how you are to others. You can’t be childish when you’re adults/young adults. Don’t be rude and treat people with the same respect the way you want to be respected. Also, what do you contribute? Do you help out the elderly or feed the homeless?

 Look for your inner beauty, and don’t focus so much on the outer. Your inner beauties are things like how smart you are, kind, and what makes you unique. Things people can’t see just by looking at you, they have to actually get to know you. Outer beauties are the things people can see like you’re pretty, tall, or you play sports. That is something they can just tell right away. So what I am trying to say is, I want you to work on your identity and build it in your way, a positive way.


January 2015

Building Image

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone started his or her year off right, and by that I mean with a positive image. Now is the time to make your New Year Building Image Resolution!! How did you start off the year, did you like how it jumped off from 2014? If not, here’s your second chance, by doing your resolutions. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish this year. How are you going to represent yourself? How are you going to improve your image and take it a step further from 2014? My New Year Resolution is to get my license/permit so I can be more independent and not rely to heavily on others. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!


December 2014


Hey everyone, it’s Kayla back to tell you more about Building Image. I am so excited for Christmas! Christmas is perfect way to build your image. As most of us know, everyone can’t always have a Merry Christmas, but you can try and help him or her have one. Become someone secret Santa and make them a present, you don’t always have to buy something. You can also donate some toys to children. Donate food to the homeless, or just put on a simple Christmas show to make someone day. There are plenty of ways to help out, and helping out a show you care and that’s something you want people to know about yourself. You want to be helpful and not be on the naughty list. Remember, Santa is making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice, so help out, or even join a community that’s helping others so they can have a Merry Christmas. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 2014


August 2014


            Hey guys its Kayla! I’m back to talk more about Building Image. Well, I had just started school and I want to build my image in a positive way for this school year. PS- it feels like school starts earlier and earlier each year, what happen to the days when we started in September?
Haha, anyways, I’m going to build my image by doing all my work this year and get
good grades, meaning I would have to distance myself from television and social media. I want to show that I’m a hard worker and I don’t like to slack. I’m also not going to get involve with school drama because they’re pointless and a waste of time. While being a hard worker, I can also show my passion for fashion by dressing in my own unique way to school everyday. That’s another way for me to show off how confident I am in what I do.

Lastly, I’m going to be involved with school, like joining a sport. I joined cheerleading this year and made Varsity! I will now be going to all my school games. That’s how I’m going to build my image through school. Think about how you are and what you can do to improve building your image. You always want to express yourself in a positive way, build your image to make you a better person in the future. So I hope you think about it, maybe write it down and make it your goals for this school year. That’s all the advice I have today, talk to you next time!


Hey its Kayla back to share my point of view about building
image. I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July. During my

 Fourth of July I was at UCLA building my image religiously.
It’s a camp I attended called Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(FCA). Its for high school kids who play any sport and its an
opportunity to build your relationship with God, anyone can
attend though. But what I’m trying to say is you don’t only have to build your image through your career or through looks. If you want to be known as religious, there is nothing
wrong with that you can do it. There are many different ways to build your image. It all depends on you. So that’s all I have today, have a great day, bye.


June 2014


Hello, it’s Kayla back for summer talk. How’s your summer been? Hopefully you’ve been using it wisely by building your image. Well, today I’m going to have a short interview with Chanel Lauryn, who is a recent graduate from high school, to see one of others perspectives on building image, 

Kayla: “So Chanel, what is building image to you?”

Chanel: “Building image is establishing a reputation and determining how people 
will see you”.

Kayla: “Who do you think, in the public eye, is positively building their image?”

Chanel: “Beyoncé because she show that females is more than their stereotypes”

Kayla: “And lastly, do you think you’re building your image, if so, how?”

Chanel: “Yes, I do by monitoring the way I speak to people, the way I appeal to 
others, and how I represent myself on social media.”

She answered those questions well. I want you think about who is setting a good 
example as a role model, and whose building their image wisely.


May 2014

Hello. It’s your favorite person in the universe, Kayla. I hope you weren’t thinking about anyone else hahaha. Today, I wanted to ask you what you think building your image mean. Is it inner or outer beauty?  Or is it a tool to become known out in the world? These are the questions I want you to ask yourself. Are you setting an example for others?

Now I wanted to talk about the actual definition of “building image”. Building means “The process of shaping” and image means “ A representation of the external form of a person or thing in art”. I don’t fully agree with the meaning of “image” because it said externally, but I think it’s internally too. And I don’t mean bones or your muscle, but something deeper…your soul. So you’re actually building how you want to be represented, inside and out. Basically expressing your character through art, but in your own unique way. So that’s all I want you to think about today. Until next time, I’ll talk to you later.


April 2014


Hey it’s Kayla and I want to tell you about another passion I’m into besides modeling, acting, and fashion designing. I’m going to tell you about my devotion towards dancing. This month I was dancing in a fashion show at the L.A. Convention Center and it was the same day of World of Dance (WOD). If you don’t know what WOD is, it’s basically all these talented dancers from around the world coming together to dance and perform. For example, the Jabowakeez were there, Ian Eastwood, 8 Flavahz, Quick Crew, Wildabeast and many more talented people and crews. So after my show, I went downstairs to where the WOD was being held and where the dancers were practicing. I was so amazed by everyone there and even my friend Salema (she worked with Justin Beiber, Mindless Behavior, etc.) was with me and she knew most of these crews. So I’m also lucky and honored to know her and have her as a friend. Salema and everyone there are my inspirations. They inspire me to do what I really love which is dancing.

So I also want to build my image around dancing. I’m going to sign up for dance classes anddo Hip-Hop and Ballet. My goal is too work hard and soon join a crew or WOD. I’m going to work hard, practice at home and hopefully achieve my goal. Performing in my fashion show, seeing the
dancers and the Les Twins, meeting Wildabeast, and hanging out with Salema honestly made my whole day. So I just wanted to tell you guys to find what inspires you and to form a goal to achieve. And keep working hard for your dream.


March 2014

Hello, I’m Kayla here to tell you more about building image. This month
were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and I just wanted to tell you, there’s no better way to build your image than showing holiday spirit. Be creative when you wear green, which is my favorite color. There’s all type of greens to express each and every person. I like the color emerald because it’s my birthstone and also its one-of- a kind just like me!! What’s your favorite green? Also have fun styling your clothes. Building your image is expressing yourself in a unique way and also it’ll be fun just to celebrate this holiday!


February 2014

Hey it’s Kayla, and I'm ready to talk about Building Image, but first I want to acknowledge Black History Month. Did you guys know that this is the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was passed by President Johnson? This act banned segregation. It ended segregation in public pools, schools, libraries, (theatre, restaurants, and hotels). And I want to name a few idols that had an impact through history.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream about ending segregation, so black and whites would come together in unison. He inspired others to make this dream come true and it did, obviously. Harriet Tubman made an underground railroad to free slaves. Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play baseball on a white team and helped the team strive on. Rosa Parks was the first black woman to refused to giving up her seat to a white man and she protested for her right and won. Madam C.J. Walker was the first black lady to become a millionaire by selling hair growing lotion.

These people built their image throughout history and they’re known. They stood up for what they believe in and fought. These are people whom defines building image. And I also wanted to say; you can start building your image at a young age. My sister for example, she signed up for track so she can play soccer and hopefully get and build something from that experience. She’s trying new things and trying to build her image at the same time. So don’t give up on your dreams and aim for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars.


KNOW WHO YOU ARE (January 2014)

Hey, it’s Kayla coming at you with more advice on building your image.  Building your image isn’t putting make-up on to impress others or copying and listening to our judgmental nation to fit in.  It’s about how you want to be represented in the world, plain and simple, but the process of it won’t always be. And I believe Beyoncé set an amazing example and explained it in her song “Flawless.”  She tells us how society wants us to limit ourselves, but she tells us not to listen to them and build our on image. We need to show people that we just don’t take orders from anyone, especially the ones that try and bring us down. Don’t let anyone tell you that your not capable of doing that or being this just because of our gender and the stereotypes that follows it.  Building image is your reputation and it will be hard for it to be notice in the world. But if you have doubts, listen to Beyoncé song flawless, cause she’s been through it. And she’s trying to send a helpful message to us, like I am.


Hey, this is Kayla here to tell you a little story about my most recent event.

Hey, this is Kayla here to tell you a little story about my most recent event.  This past Saturday I was in another fashion show ripping the runway for several designers. Everything went great as the designers clothing line was amazing and I had a BLAST walking with the other models, but my makeup was a whole different story.  The makeup artist did not match my foundation with my skin tone.  My face was lighter than the rest of my body and when I went out into the light my face looked a little grey.  Since it was almost show time, I went into a panic just before the show.   I thought that by my makeup not matching my skin tone that this would ruin my image as a model.  We all know how important it is to continue building your image personally and professionally.  Then I thought to ask a different makeup artist to darken my foundation and she helped a little, but not really.  So I told myself not to worry because I’m going to rock it on the runway.  Instead of showing the audience I was insecure about my makeup, I showed them something way better which was my confidence and my inner warrior who is fierce 24/7.  So what I’m trying to say is it doesn’t matter if your having a bad hair day, bad acne day, or just a bad day, don’t let that stop you from showing that your are fierce at all times and showing what you can overcome by continuing to build your image even when the odds are against you.  Life will throw a lot of obstacles your way, but only the strong will survive.



Hey, It’s Kayla, Kay-Kay, Kay-dizzle back to talk to you about building image. I want to first start off by telling you about my recent fashion show. It was an amazing show and my models looked very nice in my clothing.  I decided to build my image through my career of
fashion designs/shows. I wanted to represent myself as an independent person who knows how to chase after her dreams, and make them come true. As a model and a fashion designer, I also have to set an example to others and keep myself fit. I always want to make a great first impression. So that’s why I’m here to tell you, not only how to build your image through fashion and personality, but to take care of your body. Eating healthy is one of the most important ways to keep a healthy shape for yourself and your appearance. And the first thing they see isn’t going to be your personality traits; it’s going to be your body. You want to grab their attention with a nice fit body, bring them in for the bait with your style and fashion/ swag, and BANG…. capture them with your character. And you’ll have one more person than you did before impress. I’m not saying you have to be Victoria’s Secret model skinny or WWE muscular. I’m just saying you have to present your image the way you want everyone else to see it. So that’s my advice for the day. I hope I helped you guys and I also want out say my advice goes for everyone.

DADDY'S SUPPORT (August 2013)

Who am I? I’m daddy’s little girl. Yes, my dad
 has contributed to helping me build my image.  
My dad has always been there to support me. 
He helped me build my image from the time I 
was born.  He would be there when I doubted 
myself and when I thought I couldn’t reach my 
goal.  He encouraged me not to give up and 
stay positive no matter what the situation was 
and to always have faith. He knew I could do 
it from the very beginning.

I’m lucky to have such a supporting dad, as he 
is a big lift in my life.  After we have our talks,
I know I can accomplish anything. That’s why 
it’s important to have my dad on my team. 
You’ll reach goals you’ve never imagined.  
I receive a totally different perspective on life 
from my dad compared to the wonderful female 
figures in my life.  The women go as far as my 
mom, grandmothers, aunts, coaches, teachers, 
etc.  It’s good to have a balance and not be so 
one-sided, so when my dad speaks, even 
though I don’t always understand, but I know 
he wouldn’t stir me in the wrong direction.  
I’m 15 years old and I’m continuing to build 
a positive self image.



            Hey there. It’s Kayla coming back with another segment on Building Image. 

Who has contributed to your self-image?  I know my granny has played a major role in my life among other female role models.  My mom is the greatest, however, granny put the icing on the cake.  Granny is one of the strongest women I know and she has a great and strong self-image. Granny always has a smile on her face even through rough times.  Granny makes sure I’m going in the right direction in life and she’ll help me with my schoolwork over the phone. 

My granny helps me build my image through self-confidence and learning from my mistakes.  I have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  You can’t have the personality but not appeal to the image. Appearance is the first thing someone sees and I want to make a great 1st impression, as the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”   Well, maybe some people do but it takes a long time to rebuild your image. 

            My grandmother always taught me to carry myself like a lady and respect myself.  As I continue down this path in my life, I listen and learn from women who have paved a way for me to grow and become successful.  As I continue to pursue my dreams, I’ll continue to build my image in manners that’s well respected by others and you can build a positive image too.

Until next time,




What’s “Building Image” do you ask? Great question! Building Image represents who you are and what you 
stand for. Part of your image is about having confidence and that’s one of the best images anyone can give himself or herself. Confidence means belief in one’s self or abilities and that’s definitely at great characteristic to have.  If you want to be respected as a person then you have to set the example and respect yourself first.  Treat yourself like a Queen/King and let everyone know you’re not settling at Princess/Prince.  Also, you want to be reflected as truthful, successful, and grateful.

My mother is raising me to have good morals, values, solid foundation and positive energy. With that being said, I know building my image is critical to personalizing my brand. It requires having good leadership skills and becoming a positive role model to my friends, my siblings, and my peers.  As I set my goals, I’m sure to be passionate and determine to achieve it.  I have to constantly deliver which may seem hard at first, but as long as I have faith in who I am and who I want to become, my process will come natural and easy with time. Everyday is important and one has to be able to manage his or her image online and offline.

Building Image is meeting your expectation everyday and becoming your absolute best.  Your image is who you are, it’s your brand, it’s your reputation and it’s your life’s statement.  Everyone can overcome weaknesses, develop strengths, acknowledge imperfections and develop great character.  I’m definitely passionate about the goals that I’ve set especially at such a young age of 15.  Remember your image will follow you throughout life and I’m proud as I continue to build my image.

I hope I can help aspire young girls and boys to build a positive image.



  1. Image is everything. Thanks for the encouraging article.

  2. Great topic as our young people don't understand how their life's decision can affect them in the long run. Good discussion and please keep it going.


  3. You are right image is everything. For someone as young as you are that have an understanding of this already, I can see you going far in life. Set your goals and live up to them, let the world know you have confidence in everything you do. You are definitely that young lady who will shine when you walk into a room. Keep up the good work and keep "Building Your Image."

    Ms. T

  4. Kayla,I love the confidence you embody. That will serve you well in your success!

  5. Stay positive, focused and dedicated to your dreams. They may not be easy to obtain but can be with time and patience. I wish you good luck but believe you have enough talent so luck won't be needed.

  6. In a world where self imagery is viewed as an outward appearance where young ladies are taught they can "Makeup" or dress up to become this beautiful person; it's truly refreshing to see a lady like Kayla choose to search her inward characteristics define the value of her worth. Yes, your first impression tells a lot about you, more than how you look, how you carry yourself! It's a blessing to see that she has a stable of strong women in her life to model what these characteristics look like. Kayla, continue to follow your faith trusting who God has made you to be..... in His image! Remember, you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. Watch out world!!!!